Working on Something Speshul

I am working on something for you – to say thank you for reading my crappery and for all the support you give me too.

As you can see, there is a new heading called Advent Calendar on the top line of this blog.

Everyday you will be able to open the relevant numbered door and there is a surprise waiting (not dissimilar to the printed version).  I am sorry there is no chocolate, though in my day, chocolate advent calendars had not been invented.  This is a recent invention and perhaps Not A Good Thing.

Anyway, you have my full permission to download the surprise and it is Desktop/Screensaver size too so you can load it onto your computer’s desktop and lovingly gaze at each picture for as long as you like.

If you are of the inclination, you could even build it into a Screensaver.  That is up to you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Advent Calendar.  Obviously it starts tomorrow.

Right, off to find 24 pictures that you will want to keep! 

Yesterday, I sat in the car and took photos of the waves on Dale Beach in the storm.  These are the results.  I won’t put them in the calendar.  It will just make you feel very cold.

BN2A5689   BN2A5720    BN2A5756     BN2A5766   BN2A5770 BN2A5771

It was fairly hairy sitting in the car taking these pics, I can tell you.

7 thoughts on “Working on Something Speshul

      1. Linda Addison

        It’s wonderful, isn’t it. I’ve never seen it anywhere – took a lot of pix of sea in Brittany last month but there was nothing like that. I guess it’s either Shetland or your personal magic 😀

  1. Cate

    OH was just mildly complaining that we had not got an Advent calendar yet, and as we are in Newfoundland where it’s pretty hard to buy one without major advance preparations, the only way I could get one at this late date would be to make one, which I had planned to do today, among other things—but here’s you popping up just in time to tick that off my list, so I can get on with the other things! You are an angel. Thank you soooooooooooo much!! Bless. 😀

  2. Karen

    Ooooh thank you Frances….how exciting….I haven’t had an advent calendar in years and I LOVE your photography. I am hoping to get up to Shetland in the winter months at some point in the not TOO distant future…this may be wishful thinking but who knows, maybe Lady Luck will send some extra pennies my way to make more than one trip up a year possible. In the meantime your winter photos help to satisfy me….I really love the way the colour shows in the waves as they peak and start to break…beautiful 🙂 Anyhow thank you again and I am sending healing thoughts and wishes your way so that your steady recovery continues and you can get back to riding again in the New Year. Give your wonderful horses, dogs and cats a nuzzled hug from me, a fellow animal lover.


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