Sandness Beach with BeAnne

Having left the ponies feeling utterly disappointed with myself yesterday, I took BeAnne for a walk on Sandness beach to cheer myself up.


I have always liked Sandness beach.  We had it all to ourselves as usual, which improved my mood greatly.  Just one other person on the beach constitutes a crowd for me of Brighton proportions.  I start to get resentful that they are there and I have to share!


Sadly, the coast is being eaten away by the fierce Atlantic ocean very quickly.  I am reminded of my Geography lessons eons ago when we discussed coastal erosion.  Every year the farmer moves his fence back a couple of yards and there is no let up, especially after a storm.


The wind was blowing (but not like today) and the turnstones (?) sheltered from the waves.  Very clever thinking.


I found the beach exhilerating.  Walking on sand is meant to be good for my ankle and my physiotherapist even suggested I walked in the sea in my barefeet.  (He can suggest it all he likes – it is not going to happen in a Shetland winter.) I have just looked it up and the sea temperature today is 10.2°C / 50.4°F.

BN2A5571BN2A5550 BN2A5649

So BeAnne and I pottered along.  She is a very easy dog to have around as she just comes too.


You don’t have to look or check for her.  These days, she is turning into a bit of a middle-aged matron but she still put up about 100 rabbits who swarmed around her in the sand-dunes.  She sat down.


They bored her.  They were not polecats (or seaweed).


It was good walk – the type that blew out my cobwebs.


I photographed the sea for a while, just playing with my camera really.  Thank goodness I don’t have to take rolls and rolls of film down to the chemist to be developed!

BN2A5620 BN2A5621 BN2A5622 BN2A5593

Nice sheep, too on the way home.  Looks like family photo (not mine, I hasten to add!)



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