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Please Don’t Get Up

Back from the Minions this morning and I found everyone having a little zizz in the morning sunshine.  Having been vile last week – an unrelenting four day gale which exhausted everyone – I wasn’t surprised to see the herd enjoying the peace.

I crept up to them as I love seeing horses having a rest. I wanted to take nice photos.

I told them to stay put, I wasn’t going to do anything and I hadn’t brought anything with me.

It was interesting to see that Dreki was first up and then Taktur.

Optimism and chivalry must be a family trait!

Efstur with Kappi then decided to stand up. Synchronised standing.

Efstur, like Dreki, always wants anything I have.

Kappi, having seen that a) I had nothing and b) everyone else had stood up, decided the game was not worth the candle (an old family saying).

I was, of course, thoroughly searched and so I left hoping they would rejoin Kappi in their morning zizz.  I felt bad for disturbing them but, in my defence, I did tell them not to get up.  I was brought up to think that a gentleman always stands when a lady enters the room.  Does this mean Kappi isn’t a gentleman?

A Nice Welcome Home

To town today in the van that doesn’t like starting very much at the moment. I had to buy more hay.  We are at that time of year when we get through a lot.  It was all a bit of a wing-and-a-prayer day everytime I put the key in the ignition but I got there and back in one piece which is all that matters with various missions accomplished.

It was also the first calm day after a four day gale so total bliss for everyone.

I had some Probate stuff to sort out which I managed to successfully achieve, then a quick nip around Tesco’s and I drove home.

Floss had kindly distributed to everyone equine their afternoon hay piles, and I was left with Lambie and his friends to try and charm me out of ginger biccies.

I am very gullible. I didn’t ask Floss and then found out that she had given them their daily allowance, as had I!

But, in my defence, they had all said they had eaten nothing all day.

And I believed them.  Sheep don’t lie.

Surely not!?


When you’re sitting down with knife and fork poised just about to eat your well-deserved lunch and the phone goes…..

“Please can you come and help. My horses have escaped.”  Immediately Floss and I put down our cutlery, grabbed a bucket of horse food (to rattle and entice) and some headcollars of varying sizes with ropes.

After going to the wrong location (the herd had moved on), we found them a mile or so down the road happily annoying another neighbour’s Shetland pony stallion.

The lead mares (Hetja and Brà) were easily caught.  Floss lead Hetja and my neighbour, whose horses they are, led Brà. I said I would stay in the car at the back and keep the pressure on any stragglers from having an independent thought!

And so they set off back to their field.

It rained intermittently.

Note the potential independent thought.  None of that!

There were five escapees in total – 3 Icelandics (2 mares, 1 gelding) and 2 small Shetland geldings who sniggered and giggled all the way home.

At every available opportunity, the Shetland ponies went off by themselves and then I would drive right up behind them and toot the car horn to push them back to the herd.

And eventually we reached their home.  There was one dodgy moment when I got out of the car to chase the little ones down their track.  I could see mischievous looks being exchanged between them while they realised that they were enjoying their newly found freedom.

Et voilà. They are all now back in their field remembering the excitement of a day out.

And Floss and I went back to our now rather cold lunch!

Newt’s Bedroom

I went over to see the Minions.  I found them all sheltering from Day 3 of this miserable gale.  To be fair, though, it is unseasonally warm and there has been less rain than I thought.

I did my usual count and only found 7.  A quick panic and recount.

Newt was in the little house (you can just see him there).  Of course, no one else was allowed in.  The dragon at the door.

Newt nipped out the minute the others started walking up the hill towards me.

Down by the house was very still. It is well sheltered and I can see why they chose that spot.

I had a little chat with everyone and dished out the contents of my pockets. One small piece of carrot – we are running out. I am not going to town until Friday and so am eeking them out.

The Minions are very happy in their winter field.

After checking everyone, I walked back up the hill, leaving them all to it and wondering whether Newt would go back to bed!



Little Miss Pepper rules her world.  She is very much a Daddy’s girl and OH is obviously completely smitten, forgives her everything (including going through the compost heap and bringing 3 banana skins through the catflap into the house).  They are a couple.

At night Pepper sleeps between us, favouring me with her feet side while OH has her smooth back.  Lucky me! Twitch, twitch, twitch all night long with claws.

And the family group.  Yes, dogs are allowed on our sofas but only if they’re earned it. One hint of being nasty to Monster and dogs are relegated back to the dog beds.  Tis the Law.

World domination is hard work and breakfast time is particularly taxing.

This is Pepper’s preferred spot while Flossie eats her breakfast.

And, when I took this photo, I did not realise just how shocking it is!  I am shocked.  Yes I am.  I am wearing my shocked face.

In Floss’ head, she thought this was all that was happening. Au contraire.

Marmite on toast is obviously food of the Gods and Rules of the World.

Now, what’s that song? “Every breathe you take, every bite you make…. I’ll be watching you!” (I paraphrase and misquote completely).

Still shocked.