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Fabulous Sunrise!

Firstly, these are the photos direct from the camera.  I have done nothing (perhaps a little straightening here and there as wonky buildings upset me) but absolutely no filters……

07:15 this morning and everything had a pink glow to it.

While I was remarking on this lovely colour, Floss said “turn around”, so I did to see a pink sky behind me.

And then a bit more round.

Floss and I just stood there and gawped as the sun rose behind the house.  It was very special.  I have never seen it as beautiful.

We also saw a huge dog fox run past us as we did our daily dog walk.  Ted of course was completely oblivious.

The Walk

I always try to take my camera with me on our daily dog walk. We are going out fifteen minutes later as the other morning it was almost pitch dark!

This morning, I almost told Floss to go by herself as I did not sleep very well (I wake up and then lie awake and think) but I am glad I hauled my carcass out of bed, got dressed (warm clothes) and went out with her and Ted.  It was lovely and definitely worth it.

Floss sweetly said she would’ve gone by herself and Ted would go where the treats are.

A large buck (roe deer) walked very closely past us and then stopped and turned around to watch us. I made my Lambie Muzzah noises so he galloped off looking shocked!

It gradually became lighter as the day started and there was evidence of the London planes coming and going in the sky.

Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. My day was spent finding out when I can visit Mum, shopping for things that might tempt her and then going in to see her.

Everything is very busy on a Sunday.  Most strange. I’m not used to that.

A Ted Day

Ted has settled quickly into his new life with us despite Mum being away.

He is very good about everything – he has an eye thing that is treated with drops twice a day.

Poor Ted was very anxious when Mum left for hospital but he is happy and relaxed now spending his day with us, at our feet ever hopeful large lumps of lovely things will fall into his mouth

Or being photographed with his new Golden Paste Company bandana.  I am training him to be a Brand Ambassador.  It is his new calling.

Foot up.

Cheesey grin – “who’s a happy boy, then”.

Serious “advert” face.


Ted is such a funny dude.

What’s not to love?

The noble profile – or his Landseer moment.

Waiting for the mousies!  They are out there and they taunt him.

Carefully balancing = paws down

Carefully balancing = paws up!

Ted’s Empire. The Master of all he surveys.

Dear little Ted, Tedward, Ted-in-a-bed, Ted-Talks, etc, etc.  He answers to the opening of a crisp packet from a great distance.

Well, you wouldn’t you?


I spent the morning in hospital visiting Mum and then, in the afternoon, Floss and I went to possibly the world’s largest M&S, and then on to, again, possibly the world’s largest Tesco.  It was so big our feet hurt!

So here are some calm and relaxing photos of Mum’s garden to help return my inner calm.

This year, Mum’s beautiful and skilled topiary has tragically been blighted with a heinous caterpillar that has wreaked chaos on every leaf.  It is too late for the box plants and they will have to be chopped down and burnt.  So sad.  She has been growing them for years and they were a major feature in the garden.

Relaxing now with a cup of tea and Ted at my feet (he was such a good boy while we were away).  My poor feet hurt.  How do people do this shopping thing?  Perhaps it is the shoes. I am not used to having to look clean and tidy all the time!

A Beautiful Morning

Floss, Ted and I went for our early morning walk – out by 07.00 while it is still quiet – on the golf course that surrounds Mum’s house.

Immediately, I saw a large dog fox run past and quickly vanish again.

And then, a little way away, we saw two deer grazing by the old stag oak – possibly a mother and this year’s youngster.


Everywhere was quiet and it really was the most perfect of mornings.  So peaceful.

Floss was with Ted (he is on a lead permanently) while I took photos trying to capture just how special it all was.


And then we saw someone watching us.

He was a big buck – a roe deer, I think.  He watched us for a while before bounding off doing those silly bouncy hops.  We laughed and thought of Lambie who doesn’t ever do them anymore.  He’s far too fat now though he did have a nice bounce on him when he was small.