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Après Town

We all needed to go to town for a haircut today.  So I herded my sheeple together and they came too.  A previous phone call this week had told me the shop had one left.

Lerwick looked pretty bleak on a Saturday afternoon, which was sad to see.

But we saw Tommy the cat – he has his own Facebook page.

Tommy wasn’t feeling very sociable and was more interested in playing with the cigarette-butts in the drain pipe.  Nice!

The Street was busier as we walked along.

I popped into Jamieson’s shop and filled up my little field.  The sheeple seemed happy enough with their new accomodation.

Let’s hope they sell quickly while I make some more.  I have no stock now.

I think we can safely say Autumn has arrived – this is Jamieson’s front window. The usual feast of glorious colours and inspiration.

We also admired the beautiful flowers that hang outside all the shops.  Just gorgeous.

The Street done, the hair cut, Tesco’s emptied and now home. I have a headache. I’m not used to having to find clean clothes, mud-free shoes and seeing people.  Far too much like hard work for me. I would much rather stay at home.

Riding This Morning

A few photos from today.  It was a nice morning, so I called the Old Men up and went for a ride – Klængur and Taktur.

You would think from the look of Klængur afterwards that I thrashed him for hours. I didn’t.  He got himself into his usual witter, raced Taktur and tölted like a demon out and home.  I am a mere passenger. Klængur dictates his speed. I just sit there and shut up! That’s my job.

Iacs stayed at home.

He had the sheeple for companions.  They look like an album cover here.

Meanwhile, BeAnne, sporting her “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz bandana, was trying to get us to feed her early.  She has lunchtime liver support pills in wafer thin ham, which she adores.

Monster was on her case and told her to wait and he wanted ham too.

This is Monster’s idea of camouflage.

These days, dear little BeAnne is very keen on food – she has chunked on over a kilo in the past few months.  Steroids and laxatives are clearly the way forward.

My latest plan is to keep Haakon more active. I don’t want him to seize up so Daisy kindly gave me a riding lesson – all in walk with me concentrating on my position and Haakon concentrating on everything else.

It was a superb lesson and it is always good to have someone to tell you what you can improve on and think about. We both really enjoyed it and, even though I am leaving on Wednesday, Daisy has promised to keep riding Haakon for me.

I just need him to go on forever.  Is that too much to ask?

Shetland Wanderings

This morning was spent wandering the hills, checking boundaries and looking at the magnificent Shetland views.

I was at the top of the world.

And it was a great place to be.  The view was spectacular and the photos do not do it justice.

Homewards and I found Herself sitting on her throne.  She is such a squishy blancmange sheep!

Daisy was riding so I went to see the spectators who were lurking.

Dreki was sporting Mad Hair.  So I laughed at him and took photos!

I gave up with Efstur. His hair was not co-operating.

I guess you’ve either got it or you haven’t.


The Lovely Beach

It was a beautiful Shetland autumn day so we went to our favourite beach for a blast on the Old Men.

Klængur was left behind so we put Kappi in with him to keep him company.

He was very pleased about that.

They also had the Boyzens and Girlzens in their field too.

The beach was empty and it was low tide – the perfect set-up.

We unloaded, tacked up and walked down the steep path leading the horses.

Our farrier is aiming to shoe Haakon possibly next year and said it was wise to just potter about with him but, as he is getting through his hoofboots (he dumps his back hooves horribly), I would rather take him to the beach one(ish) a week if we can and see how we go.

This time we had Hekla with us (our neighbour and his mare).  Iacs was very taken.

They all to a horse had “thoughts” about the tiny streams that cross the sand.  At times we were like the elephants in the Jungle Book when they suddenly stop marching.

But once the horses had got over themselves, we successfully reached the end of the empty beach and turned back to pace, trot, canter, whatever……

It was beautiful, sunny and calm.  The waves rippled along the horses legs.

Utterly perfect.

The salt water must be good for Haakon’s hooves. He loves standing in the sea.

We were so happy. I had a huge cheesey grin.

This afternoon was the perfect ride.

Once finished, we packed the horses all up, loaded and drove home.

It doesn’t get any better than today.  I want to go back.  I am thinking about taking Klængur too. Imagine fast tölt along the beach. Hmmmm!