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Oh Waffle

While Floss was doing this (fending off the ever-circling “vultures” from Fivla, who is possibly the slowest eater in this universe……

…. I was taking dreamy photos of a drop-dead gorgeous, yet a little enigmatic, Waffle.

Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

(Afterwards, I collected the leftovers that were once Flossie and took her home!)

Another Good Day

I’ve just come in from another lovely day here in Shetland.

Yes, I was followed home – for the evening ginger biccie (‘Bert) was at the back having a chat with Daisy).  He appeared later.

This afternoon, I found Iacs hanging over the gate having been “deserted” by the others.  He was making noises to himself about the misery of loneliness so I took him by his chin-hairs and gently guided him back to his friends who had been hiding.

There was barely any wind today, which is a rare event for Shetland in itself. I made the most of it by taking photos of the crocuses before they are either blown away or crushed under foot.

And the snowdrops are now going along well.

I was not alone in the garden.

I love that coat very much.

And then rest of the afternoon was spent in my shed taking photos of two of my flutes – to be sold as I rarely get them out of their boxes – and a “Mum” sheeple.

So a good productive day. Oh yes, and I went for a lovely ride on Klængur while Daisy rode Efstur. The ginger ninjas behaved beautifully.


Turmeric Benefits

The daily bucket – the Old Men all have one first thing in the morning. The supplement, TurmerAid, is fed to these three for different reasons:-

Iacs – digestion and joints (after that colic episode last year, we are taking no chances). Daisy and I still ride him too.  His job is to be a steadying influence when Daisy rides out on Efstur.

Klængur – to get him to take a step back from that cliff he stands on the edge of and to stop listening to the voices in his head.  It worksvery well too – far less unnecessary spooking and feels much calmer and happier.

Haakon – because he is old and his joints are stiff.  He has to live forever too.

I often get asked if horses (and sheep) like TurmerAid and my reply is always “I have yet to meet any of mine who don’t”.  I can feed it to them on it’s own in my hand.

Haakon occasionally comes up for air!

A nice little “TurmerAid Tache”.

He’s not looking bad for a 26 year old Icelandic horse (scuse the filth – it is inevitable this time of year and I am not someone who brushes).

The rest of the morning was spent with Daisy “doing feet” – today was Waffle and Storm’s turn.

We had the usual audience.

Both were very good and I would even go so far as saying “helpful” – not a word one usually associates with Storm.

But today as well as behaving impeccably, Storm entertained me with his lovely smile.

So that was us and once home, I reached for my Turmeric Capsules so aptly named “Turm-Oil”. My poor back!

An Absolute Must

Look, look, look…….. the crocuses have arrived and the daffs are on their way. Happy days.

It has been (and probably still will continue to be) a long hard winter this year so to see these stalwarts is proof we are progressing nearer to the mud drying up and warmer temperatures, possibly even sunshine we can sit out in.  I might take off my Norwegian sweater in favour of my fisherman’s canvas top (steady now, let’s not be too hasty!)  I’m still wearing a thermal underlayer, though.  Maybe June for that radical stage.

Taktur and his son, Dreki, were having a little play as I crept up on them with my camera.

I didn’t actually know a horse’s head could turn at that angle!

And then they spied me and so of course immediately stopped, never to play again.

Dreki did go on to have what we call a “what-the-curtains” moment!

To explain, this is a popular quote in our house….
King of Swamp Castle: One day, lad, all this will be yours.
Prince Herbert: What, the curtains?

And BeAnne’s jacket has proved a God-send.


Why did I not think of this sooner?

It is perfect.

All I have to say now is “but I can see you BeAnne” and she comes running home knowing the game is well and truly up!

And there is even an elephant of enthusiasm too!

Spring approacheth.  Bet the snow returns next week then.

My Old Man

It was a lovely afternoon – the sun went behind the hill at around 17.30 – a gorgeous gentle light.

The Old Men were slowly meandering their way down to their night-time field – it has more shelter and the stream.  It’s their choice. We leave the gate open so they can come and go as they please and they are usually back up by morning.

Haakon spied me and my camera.

He is doing very well this winter and I am pleased, as well as relieved.

His morning bucket feed with TurmerAid has kept him looking and moving well.

26 years old.  I can’t believe it.  Haakon’s birthday is 10th May (born 1994).  I bought him after a phone call and seeing one photo when he was 2 years old.  I backed and trained him myself, having never done anything like that before but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  We have had our moments. He was never easy but we trust each other, which I think has got us this far.  For a long time, I think he thought his name was “get a grip!”

I understand how he thinks.  Some might say we are like an old married couple!

I talk to Haakon a lot. I always have.  He is a good listener and, when we go for walks, he touches my hand with his nose so I know he is there. He is definitely not a huggy horse. He would hate that but he does always communicate in his way.

It’s funny what your best friend looks like.  Haakon is very handsome.  I always love being with him.