Hill Life

I went to visit everyone up in their new hill field. Once we discovered Waffle and Tiddles’ ghastly predicament yesterday, we moved everyone as quickly as possible.  I am terrified of laminitis for the rest of the herd.

Much to Vitamin’s horror! She is not a fan of this field.

And is seriously unimpressed living on the side of a hill with really grotty “poor” unfertilised hill grass. She liked the lush stuff.

So I walked up to their field to see (and check) them all.

They will be here for a while to lose weight in the Autumn equinox gales.

Sadly, it is the only way. I didn’t even bring carrots. I can’t. Not now I am scared.  I may lose my job as their Muzzah, apparently.  Cruel to be kind.

Waffle and Newt are now on Day 2 in prison.  Waffle spends his days trying to look enchanting in the hopes I will let him out.

No chance. I brushed them instead. A poor substitute for freedom.  It’s going to be a very long haul.

The boys aren’t finishing their ad-lib fibre, but they do eat their buckets of anti-inflammatories and analgesia.  Today I picked my neighbour’s nettles as these improve blood circulation. I got stung through gloves.  I am going to dry the nettles, chop them up and put it in their food. The things I do for my boys.  Absolutley no gratitude either.

Worst Muzzah Ever!

I am feeling awful. I am the worst Muzzah ever.  Tiddles and Waffle have laminitis from the autumn flush of grass.  I am totally bereft and have let them down.  How could this happen?

I have been humm-ing and aah-ing recently about both of them the last 2 days and today it was patently clear what is going on.  Bloody buggering laminitis.

I spend all winter wishing we had grass, and the rest of the year wishing we didn’t and now this….. It is too much.

Daisy and I looked at Tiddles and Waffle, sucked our teeth, went home and got the horsevan, painkillers and our hoof trimming kit.  We slowly walked them out of their field, trimmed their hooves for more comfort and loaded them into the van, leaving them with a bucket of painkillers.

Meanwhile, we each lead 3 ponies (with me telling them all to behave and lead nicely) to the hill field a little way away.  Less rich grass, more hill grass which is basically green and has no calories. Fibre. And watched and worried about them as well as they galloped, bucked and farted off into the distance.

Back to the horsevan, and the painkillers had kicked in so I drove my boys very slowly and carefully home (apologies to anyone behind us).  Then we put many bales of shavings down and told Tiddles and Waffle to say goodbye to grass and any fun, ever.

So that’s us and we can only pray with zero sugar, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, soaked hay and fibre blocks that they come out of this and not too much permanent damage has been done.  They will hate us for doing this but we may save their lives.

Off to sell a kidney – slightly used!

Our Very Own Whirling Dervish

Yesterday, Pepper ate everything put in front of her with huge enthusiasm. Today she said “no thank you” and walked away.   However, if Monster was taking an interest and wanting her food too, then she would pick away.  She is definitely a grazer.  But if Pepper doesn’t eat, I worry.  I gave her some probiotic paste and have spent the day trying to get any calorie down her.  Tomorrow is another day, I tell myself on the food front.

I read that if your puppy is bouncing around and looking perfectly healthy, then she is probably ok.

Monster will confirm that Pepper has done nothing but bounce all day, mostly at him.

I do love it when they are together – I get a warm fuzzy feeling (probably from standing in a little pee puddle then!)

Of course we are all now Pepper’s devoted slaves.  What else can we be?  There is no choice.

I think Monster is the only one in the house she listens to.

He complains a lot (we hear you, Monster!)

Pepper is a very happy puppy who believes the word “no” has nothing to do with her, in any way.

Teddy is her bestest toy.

He has spent most of the day outside with Pepper.

While I was pottering about in the kitchen, I left the backdoor open for Pepper to come and go.   Every so often she would whizz in, do a circuit around the kitchen table, and whizz out again.

Monster was outside on nanny-duty.

Pepper came inside eventually to crash in her bed next to the Rayburn.  Cooking is not easy.  Now to get this eating under control.  I am still worried.


I am trying to maintain some kind of normality in our new whirlwind of a life.  The Minions are good at reminding me of this and I enjoy going to see them – having some time to myself.

Dear Little Newt looks like a small Wade figurine you put on your mantelpiece or possibly give to a 12 year old girl for Christmas who loves all things pony!

He looks so sweet and fluffy.  Don’t be fooled, though.  He can be a demon when he wants.

Anywho, when I came home, I found Daisy was riding Efstur.  All going well there.

I dropped in to take photos.  Such a joy to watch – a great team.

Lambie and friends are trying to get their heads around our latest addition. Every afternoon, I take Pepper out on her lead to show her around the croft and she is very interested in meeting the sheep.  They too are fascinated but not aggressive, though there was some stamping from Maggie and so Harrel on the first day.  These are not running away type of sheep so hopefully Pepper will learn from this.  I think if they get used to each other under-supervision (hence no photos – I can’t take a camera, a dog lead and try to grab all at the same time. I haven’t got enough hands) then they will all get along fine….. eventually.

The ducks are a different matter, though.  Pepper wants to chase them and “no” is not a word she cares about or wants to hear when it comes to ducks and they do run away very satisfactorily.

And poor Flossie seems to be the one on Pepper-watch while I am out.  Having now finished her dissertation, she is busy with other stuff.  I don’t know how much she gets done.  Probably nothing!

In one week, our lives have changed, but definitely for the better.

Monster is a Saint

Little Herself, now officially named Pepper, is a Demon of the First Order.

She adores her toys and everyone around her.

(as does Monster, if he is allowed near them – though only toys. He only totally loves OH).

This flapping fish, that arrived today (you know who you are and thank you) is a particular favourite at the moment.

Pepper worships Monster.  She thinks he is great. She follows him everywhere.  She thinks he is Batman to her Robin.

And, surprisingly, he is wonderful with her.  He puts up with a lot.

Pepper wants to be with everyone.

And sometimes Monster is close by.  He can always vanish if he wants and mostly chooses not to.

I mean, what is not to love?  Look at dat face!

And this evening I realised I should contact the Vatican to nominate Monster for his beatification and possible future sainthood.

All I can say is this never happened with BeAnne (mostly because she would not share anything!)

So, life here, although exhausting, is going along very well.  Pepper is learning because Monster is teaching her.