Lambie in the House

Last night, while I was making my evening sheep, Lambie came a-knocking.

He was in a bit of a state so I told him to come in…..

….. And we could even talk about things if he wanted but I don’t think he was listening because the doorstep appeared to be a problem.

But, luckily, Lambie successfully defeated the doorstep demons and came in, along with a faint waft of pee.

Anyway, we had a long chat, well, I did most of the talking and he listened while we watched Private Practice together (I’ve moved on from sobbing my way through Grey’s Anatomy – too much death).

I also scratched his back for him with my back-scratcher (a long large fork from an old carving set). Lambie was much happier. I think he was just itchy, hot and being bothered by the flies (possibly attracted by the slight smell of pee about his person).


I know he will be happier once he’s sheared (hopefully looking at the end of the week) and I can also put his fly-collar on which will help.

Tall Grass = No Fence

The field grass is growing very tall now and causing my electric fences to earth and stop working. So today OH went out with his trusty strimmer and cut it all back for me.

I followed on behind him with a rake (and yes, I managed to step on it more times than I can think) and dragged back all the freshly cut grass out of the track.  I didn’t want the ponies to eat it.

Albie was transfixed by our efforts.

I feel sorry for the ponies, though, they live in constant sight of long green lush grass which they can’t have.

A quick pit stop by the electric fence unit and OH kindly put the newly recharged battery back which had been charging all night (the grass had grown over the solar panel so it could never recharge itself and had subsequently run down.). The ponies had never mentioned this.

But the fence wouldn’t work, so we abandoned that task and went back to strimming and raking all the way around the track.

I love this photo.

And this is the home-straight – the ponies stood and watched hypnotised.

You just know they are thinking “you’re doing that wrong”.

Job done and OH had to go racing up the hill to rescue his petrol tank as Albie had plans for it *** sigh *** oh, Albie).  It’s a rookie mistake to leave anything near Shetland ponies.

And then hours were spent by OH at the kitchen table successfully re-soldering bits of battery connections but, on a plus, I ended up with my own electric fence tool kit.

I put it safely in a drawer.  Now, it’s just a question of which one.  The fence is happily zapping on full revs with no earthing or problems all thanks to OH.

Celery and the Stream

It seems a bit all or nothing with the weather these days and last night was no exception with torrential rain.  I knew this was going to happen, as I watched the ten weather apps on my phone like a hawk, so rugs on Fivla, Vitamoobag and Tiddles and I had a worry-free night.

So imagine my consternation when I met Waffle this morning shivering.  I refuse to rug him on the grounds that he looks like a bull, but I felt sufficiently guilty to quietly give him the spare food bowl.  Haynets out and he soon stopped dithering.

This afternoon, I went out with some leftover celery stalks.  The rain had made the burn impossible to cross.

The ponies knew I had celery stalks, but how to make sure everyone got their fair share?

So I chucked the veg over the stream trying to aim for each individual pony so they would have their fair share.

Everyone, that is, except for Fivla who was at the back looking hard done by.

But I called her over, and she knew that I had a celery stalk with her name on it.

Tiddles was trying hard to get them all.  We had words, across the flooding stream.

And he knew there was nothing I could do even if he got everyone’s celery stick because I was not going to cross the burn.

And Fivla got her ration and crunched on with absolutely not intention of giving it up.

Even if the vultures circled.

Garlic and more Garlic

It was Volunteer Saturday at Turriefield and I always ask if there is anything I could do which didn’t involve my back, as it’s still not great.  Mostly they say no, as it is digging and weeding and stuff that would kill me.

Anyway, garlic was mentioned and I arrived to a wheelbarrow full of drying garlic bulbs.  I was told to cut off the dried leaves and trim the roots and left to get on with it while everyone else went outside to work.

A stool was brought, and I positioned myself with the least amount of stretching or bending and got to work.

First, I just cut off the roots, the dried leaves/stalk and then put them into a small crate, ready for my next stage – sorting.

Once the small crate was full, I sorted the bulbs into Grot, Small, Medium and Large bulbs.

Two and a quarter hours later, plus some help at the end to get them all finished, the job was done.   I felt immensely pleased with myself.  There was a lot of garlic.

And, in another world, I took this photo yesterday evening.  Scary stuff.

Everyone Busy

A few photos from today (and yesterday).

While I’m working away in my shed making sheep, Pepper likes to sit outside on the doorstep. She likes to watch the world go by and is usually very good, not wandering off (though I do call her back regularly if I find that she has mysteriously vanished).

Failing that, she has her spot on the chaise longue and blends in beautifully with the dog blanket.

Monster does the exact opposite probably because we don’t have anything white anywhere – I may be stupid, but I am not that stupid.

Pepper likes to sit on my knee while I wait for the ducks and hens to finish their tea.  The nesting ducks are now getting bored of their one job and are leaving their nests.  I don’t mind as baby ducklings means more ducks and we have more than enough.  Meanwhile, the boys are still bickering.

All the ponies are fine.  They come up in the morning for their buckets and then a mean haynet – mean, as in not very generous – and then they all go away again for the rest of the day while I studiously ignore them but am always counting up to 8 to check everyone is ok.


And thank you for all your kind words of sympathy about my back.  Today is better. I have my Painpod on and that has made a huge difference to my day.  That, and a hefty painkiller last night.  So all is good again.