I went wandering about today with a different lens.  The wind has stopped blowing for the time being (back tomorrow and off we go again once more with feeling).


I will label who is who so you know….. for the future.  There will be a surprise End of Term Test.

Klængur – yes, he is still lame.  Yes, I do clean his hoof everyday and no, nothing is coming out so the waiting game continues.  Yes, his hoof is warmer than the others.  No, he is not on regular analgesia unless he is utterly hopping and miserable.  Yes, he happily walks about.


Taktur’s eye complete with dandruff.  He was not being very helpful so I gave up photographing him today.


My absolute favourite place of Haakon’s.  He is not a very affectionate horse, so this is all I have.  It smells of Cuppasoup.  I don’t know why but it always has!


Iacs’ silly-frilly.


This is where Iacs’ pea-like brain lives!


Haakon’s immensely intelligent look.


Winter coats – Iacs´


and Klængur’s – everyone has excellent winter coats so whatever the weather throws at them, no one will be miserable and shivering.  They all have plenty *** cough *** fat, too!

BN2A5865BN2A5880  BN2A5900

Iacs’ beard.  Not dissimilar to a goat.  Just an observation, Daisy. Not a criticism.


Anyway, Haakon’s beautiful black-lined lugs.  His best bit.


Iacs’ nosey.


Haakon’s perfection.


Klængur – even if I never ride him again, I would be happy just to hug him very often.  He is the most cuddly Icelandic I have ever met.

BN2A5881 BN2A5883 BN2A5885

Haakon’s mane – eat yer heart out Limahl.


More of his nummy lugs again.  Little teddy bear ears.


So to recap …..

Daisy’s horse, Iacs = goat
My horse, Haakon = teddy bear
My horse, Klængur = still lame but cuddly
Daisy’s stallion, Taktur = unhelpful and has dandruff eyes.

3 thoughts on “Close-Ups

  1. Linda

    I like the pony neck-chin shots today – you wouldn’t necessarily know you were looking at a pony at all.
    A fuzzy corner with a little white space in the distance.

  2. Frances Post author

    Girl No 2 home in 8 days. Girl No 1 home on the 20th Dec. Can’t wait. Trying hard not to get excited but can’t wait to see them x


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