Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

As you may or may not know (perhaps you live in outer space), we were responsible for providing the ponies for Visit Scotland’s Year of Natural Scotland campaign featuring the “Shetland Ponies in Cardigans”.


It hit the world with a bang and we were thrilled with Vitamin and Fivla’s new found fame.


So I thought I would put together the blog pages where I explained how it all came to happen, plus our cynical reaction and a few facts and figures so you wouldn’t have to go searching back through all my waffle to find it.


The Preparation

The First Day of the Photoshoot

The Second Day of the Photoshoot

Returning the Supermodels

Our Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Dispelling a few Myths

All my photos from the Photoshoot

A bit about Fivla

And a bit about Vitamin

The other superstar


A few newspapers – 

The Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

Huffington Post


A few videos – 


If you are interested, some of the images are for sale here – From The Wilde

UPDATE – 19the March 2013

Delighted that this photograph of the Shetland Ponies is to appear in a National Geographic book which is published later this year. Every photographers’ dream.393_10151407242654215_1599632955_n

What can I say?  National Geographic – well done Rob and thank you from all of us at Thordale Shetland Stud.

12 thoughts on “Shetland Ponies in Sweaters

  1. Carole Faith

    Hello. I have been sent a link to your website and just love it and everything you do with these gorgeous little animals. The ponies in cardigans is just amazing.
    Have you ever thought of making your photos in to cards to sell? They would do so like hotcakes I am sure.
    It has brightened my day finding this site and will definitely be a regular visitor from now on.

    Carole. 🙂

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    My friend Celeste Nossiter gave me your blog. It is wonderful as I am also an animal lover. We had goats and horses. I have a 32 year old quarter horse and am now into runner ducks. 😉 Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  3. Rachel Mitchell

    Bought a tea towel with the Shetland ponies in sweaters whilst visiting Arran recently. My daughter loves the image and we wondered if it was possible to buy them on canvas so she can have it on her bedroom wall. We are a horse loving family and these images of Vitamin and Fivla are so cute, what super stars!

  4. Patricia Grigg

    I am trying to find a Wentworth jigsaw featuring Fivla in a jumper [new or secondhand]. I did have one, but
    I sold it and have since regretted doing so. Please can you help me to find another?

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, of course. I will find one on Tuesday, tell you how much and you can let me know if you want me to get it for you and send it. Is that ok?


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