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Dreki Dragon

My beautiful handsome dragon….. Dreki.

It is nearly his birthday (24th May) and obviously there will be cake, sandwiches, a grapefruit “hedgehog”, jelly, hula hoops ….. the works.

Five years old.

I was the first person he ever met.

And I remember thinking he was a very serious little foal.  I might go and dig out some more foal piccies next.


Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day.

I rode Dreki off the lead rein with Daisy instructing and ready to grab…..

No grabbing was required and Dreki was perfect.

Then I had a riding lesson on Klængur from Daisy and he was perfect too.

Then we brushed the old men….

And they looked perfect afterwards.

After lunch, before Daisy flew back, we sat out in the field with the sheep and Klængur came to stand over us and promptly went to sleep.

And ‘Bert sat in Daisy’s lap and went to sleep too.

And everything was perfect.

And, yes, I am listening to Lou Reed!

Someone’s Home

It is Eurovision – a tradition in our family – so someone is home for the weekend!  Iacs knows.  He has been planning his welcome.

Daisy arrived last night and so today we had a wonderful horsey morning.

First up was Dreki.

I have been regularly working with my dragon (Dreki means dragon in Icelandic) and so it was good to see what Daisy thought.

Lines of communication were quickly established.

And then onboard.  First, with me leading, then unclipping and walking beside, and then flying solo.

The same on the other rein.

All the work I have put in, on the ground, has paid dividends.  Daisy could tell.

Then we trimmed the old men’s feet.

And after that, I asked Daisy just to put Klængur through his paces in the school.

Tonight, we will enjoy Eurovision Song Contest. and this is our family tradition – gin and sushi (made by Floss).  Happy, happy days.

And tomorrow, with hang-over, we have plans…….!

Moved the Old Men (again)

Haakon needs the Spring grass.

He told me this and I agreed.

He has still not put on the weight since his battle with Taktur and I still feel awful.  My guilt can last a long time.

Iacs agrees too.  Note the spectacular Silly Frilly.

We have the farrier next week and Klængur will have a full set of shoes put on. I am hopeful we can then get back into work.  Klængur’s had a nice long rest. His back is sorted and his hoof is mended.  Onwards, please with no spooking or other silly shenanigans.

Meanwhile, in the next door field, father and son are living happily together.

The wild primroses are wonderful – at their very best this time of year.

And the marsh marigolds (orblugga” as it’s known in Shetland dialect) are just coming out. A Shetland spring in full swing now.

I left everyone to their job – eating.  They take it very seriously.  We have come through a hard winter and it has taken its toll.

But we have bluebells in the garden too!


Scunnered is a very good word. It describes exactly how I feel today.

What does the Scottish word Scunnered mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. chiefly Scotland. : to be in a state of disgusted irritation.

And that is me today.

I am scunnered with all the paperwork I have to complete – apparently necessary for the sale of Mum’s house.  Our Solicitor sent it to me and so I spent yesterday attempting this mammoth feat, doing my level best. I then asked a small question, only to be sent to the whole lot again with a different heading with a request to re-complete!  So that would be 96 pages of questions. I know this, because I added them up.

And I feel totally scunnered.

And, worst of all the forms are completed using Acrobat which I am beginning to now loathe.

At the end of the first attempt, despite frequent searches, I finally found the box tick method.  I could’ve cried as I had to go back to all my pages and re-do them (and then of course re-do them again).  It is like the worst homework with no escape or getting out of.

So now I have soothing Einaudi playing while a “Calming” oil in my desk diffuser is wafting.   I am not feeling the love for any of this.  Similar to maths exams, official forms leave me in a muck-sweat at the best of times.

(some of my “sorting out”)

And I am also in a muddle as to which forms are which as I have so many ruddy copies on my desktop!