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Nothing Wasted

Yesterday, at Transition Turriefield, where Daisy and I were working, we were given two crates of carrots that were deemed unsellable.  Happy days.  Never say no as someone will eat it.

Today’s someone(s) were firstly everyone in the Minion field.  After the buckets, which most don’t get, I left them all munching away on lots of carrots.  At this stage, the carrots go off quickly so it is better to get them eaten quickly.

After that, I went home and started my Project of the Day – to rid my car of every damn piece of hay.  It took 5 hours hard graft with Henry Hoover and all his different attachments/brushes.

And Maggie kept me company (the others had gone down the hill and she wouldn’t follow).  She loves people and likes to watch whatever they are doing.  She is always about.

I emptied the car, putting my two crates of carrots out as well as everything else.

Yesterday afternoon, when we came home, I did offer carrots to the sheep but Maggie stayed well away.

So it was nice to see her take an interest in something other than biscuits and hard feed.

She was really enjoying herself.

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

The interior of my car is now spotless. No hay will ever go in my car again – or I am thinking of buying a boot liner to keep it clean.  I have even banned muddy wellie boots. Today I have standards.


The Dog’s Gone!

Daisy ran into the kitchen this morning yelling “The dog’s gone!” and then raced out again.  I dropped what I was doing – having a well-earned rest with a cup of coffee while texting a friend many miles away – and dashed out after her.

Into the big field.

And there she was. Her Maj “roomba-ing” (a little robot vacuum) the field.

Thank the Gods for the wee hi-viz tankini is all we thought as we went after her.

Someone had been busy, though she was quite pleased to see us!

And she was duly escorted home.

Halfway, we stopped off to say hi to ‘Bert and BeAnne was off again, “listening to her own voices”, as my old neighbour used to say.

At that stage, knowing full well just how nippy BeAnne can be when she wants, she was picked up and carried home.

As BeAnne is a bit of a heft (10kg+ – it’s the steroids), Daisy lifted her over the fence, and gave her the benefit of the doubt that she would now go back.

Monster was very disapproving of everything.

And BeAnne snuck off once more.  This time there was no benefit of the doubt.  That ship had sailed.

Someone is now exhausted.

But I’m glad she’s still got it!

Tis the time of year.  Them baby bunny rabbitses talk to her.

On the Telly

I received an email from an old friend late yesterday….

“Fiv and Vitamin were on ‘telly in their sweaters this evening (BBC Scot channel 9 21.00 hrs “Greetings from Scotland” about 20 mins into programme),  I felt very proud to know such mild-mannered international film stars.

Hope all’s well and grass is growing at Thordale,

love to all”

This friend has known Fivla since I bought her from her breeder 25 years ago!  Fivla was a little black filly in those days.  Hard to believe, I know.

I call this photo “Floss is going to kill me!” but you must agree dearest Fivla was the sweetest little pony in the world.

So I hunted down the programme – it was interesting to watch – and found “our” bit.

BBC Scotland – Greetings from Scotland (the whole episode)

Here they are today.  Fivla is in the middle of the field, between Newt and Tiddles.

While Vitamin was striking a pose (nice beard).

It’s always nice to know they are still remembered and yes, the grass is just beginning to grow now.



Dreki’s Bitted

Dreki:  Whoa, what’s this?
Daisy: A bit!

Dreki: What is it for?
Daisy: It’s for you!

Dreki: Eh?
Daisy: Don’t think. Have a carrot instead!
Dreki:  Ok!

Daisy: Have a sniff and a good look.
Dreki: Ok, boss.

(Daisy popped the bit in Dreki’s mouth and quickly did up the headstall so the bit was nicely fitted).

Dreki:  OMG!  OMG!

Daisy:  Have a carrot!
Dreki:  Ok (though I doubt if I could ever eat with this thing in my mouth).

Dreki:  Ah, a new skill – I can eat with this thing!

Dreki: Do I look cool in this, or do I look cool in this?
Daisy:  You look cool, have a carrot!

Dreki:  Ok!
Daisy:  Well done!

And then Daisy undid Dreki’s headstall (in the Icelandic horse world, there are no throat lashes) and took the bit out.  All is good, all is calm.

And that was that.  Dreki has worn a bit.  Another step forward.

Gone all Black and White

I love black and white photos.  I have been practising with my newly resurrected (time is of the essence here, because it is dying) camera.

Daisy and I “did feet” this morning and came home to see this wonderful sight…..

(zoomed in from the original – sorry it’s blurry) – Maggie sitting next to Edna – this is “A Major Breakthrough” in all things Maggie.  My heart sang.

Meanwhile, in other worlds, I found Iacs and Klængur had shacked up together.  Previously it had been Haakon who had taken up residence.  I took him his breakfast this morning.  I am glad these two are sharing. It is lovely to see.

(why am I thinking Simon and Garfunkel album cover?)

Sadly, it’s only a small shed (designed and built originally for my three goats many years ago) and not big enough for three Icelandic horses.  This was the original home of the Minions (Waffle, Storm and Silver) when they came to live with us.

Although Haakon was outside, he didn’t care.

And we had a lovely chat.

Maggie was around and wanting my attention – and/or biscuits, third breakfast, anything.

Actually, she’s always around.

It is lovely.

And bingo!  There it is. The Winning Smile.  Maggie is definitely one of us and I had a quick furtle and the lamb(s) won’t be long now.

I don’t think Lambie is going to be impressed.

There is only one not-so-little Lambie in my life.  He told me!