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Lambie’s Misery

I hate seeing Lambie suffer. Actually I hate to see anyone suffer.

But Lambie hates midges. It’s his one thing. He hates them and he can’t cope. The others don’t mind as much as Lambie does.  He gets hysterical and it my job to help.

Today the midges were the very definition of hell.

So I let him into my shed – he galloped up when I shouted for him.  He is not wrong. Shetland midges are vile.

I also had both the dogs with me.  OH was working away from home.

So I lit four joss sticks in my Basil seedling pot.

And we all sat in a fog of joss stickery and no midges.

Pepper had her supply of chewy things that she loves.   Lambie was intrigued (please God don’t let any of them be sheep-related!)

Ted is not a fan although he has free rein to help himself.  He doesn’t

And eventually Lambie settled and sat down.

Phew. Together we listened to Ba(aa)-ch! (see what I did there, geddit?)

The Meanness of Muzzah

I got so bored of the sheep stealing the hen/duck food so I came up with a solution and sort-of invented this – a sheep hurdle pen for everyone to eat in safety!

And, best of all, it works!

Everyone of the poultry-type can easily come and go (although for Mr Duckie it is a bit of a struggle but he manages).

And Harrel-the Barrel and all his ovine friends can’t steal the food!

Huzzah!  (I must admit to feeling very smug seeing Harrel’s put-upon little face).

He is always hopeful I will offer him something.

As is ‘Bert and Penthesilea – she refuses to get the plot and wants her own private bowl.

They had a small discussion about the meanness of Muzzah which was kind of sweet.

Meanwhile ‘Ster and Lambie remain too cool to want chicken food.

Though Lambie does secretly love it!

Stuff, Just Stuff

I heard a noise outside and found these two playing.  As Daisy said “she makes him almost move”!

And here are a few photos during my travels these past few days.


The Boyzen and Girlzenberries, aka ‘Ster, Lambie, Maggie, Edna, Madge, Barrel and ‘Bert.

Is it a sheep or a hippo?  It is Madge in all her glory.  Just quite a lot of glory, really.  As you can see, the weight is not falling off.  She’s happy, so I am happy.

My wee family!

All I need really.

It Started with a Duck

It has been a peaceful uneventful day – the best kind, in my opinion. I hate drama of any kind.

And it all started with a duck…. Penthesilea to be precise.  She was sitting happily on the side of our pond when I walked past taking the dogs out for their post-supper afternoon stroll.

We had gone across the hill to Clothie, my 5 acre croft.

Monster followed us, just slowly.  Very slowly. Whingeing with every step. We all knew about his arrival. We could hear it.

A cat on a mission.


And, look, real life action!

I particularly love this photo.

You didn’t think Monster could do that, did you?

In heraldry, this is known as felis rampant.

(Or, ew, ew, ew…… a ditch!)

And then on our way home, Monster met Penthesilea. I told you it started with a duck.  She had been waiting for us to come home again.

Do Not to Get Laminitis!

While I was feeding Vitamin (doesn’t she look well?) her daily bucket, I went around to talk to everyone to tell them one thing….

Don’t you get laminitis, Storm…..

Or you, Silver…. (note-to-self, I must brush your forelock again)

And absolutely not you, Tiddles….

Fivla?  Please no…..

Definitely not you, Waffle!

Or you, Newt!

Step on it, don’t eat it, Albie!

Anyway, I don’t think they believed me for one minute.

The grass is looking beautiful with lots of wild flowers everywhere.

I shall be keeping a keen eye on the ponies for any signs or symptoms of the dreaded laminitis (founder).

Today I took Pepper with me. She was a good girl and happily jumped into her car-crate, travelled silently as my companion.

She likes the ponies and they seem to tolerate her too.  She adores Leradale and runs madly about exploring.

You’re on one very sticky wicket, Newt! Just sayin’.