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Our Internet is Shite

Our internet is such shite that I can’t upload photos, or tell you my story about my day because  there are not actually enough hours in the day to do this. We are all struggling with this and tempers are frayed.

Thank you Plusnet and I really hope you read this because you are shite and if I had a choice, I wouldn’t choose you!

So, to everyone who cares, I am very sorry.  Today the sheep were wonderful, Dreki was a good boy and I have started pulling ragwort which is, again, a cash crop.

Photos aren’t possible because our internet is shite.  Did I mention #Plusnet is shite in the guise of BT?

Giving up and going to my shed to make more sheeple.

Not feeling the love for #Plusnet or #BT because as they are one and the same, their internet is shite.

But Pepper is a good girl and she is now my offishul RagwortenHund.

Clean and Dirty Dogs

Dreki had a day off from me today (I had to be somewhere else this morning) but this afternoon, the boys had come up to talk (read, blag carrots).  I duly dished out the contents of my pocketses.

This time of year Taktur looks gawjus.

As does Dreki.

After their supper and rest, I took the dogs out for their last late afternoon walk.

We went up to Clothie, my 5 acre croft, a little way across the hill.

They both went dashing off while I wandered about just keeping a general eye on them.

Ted is more sedate in his ways.

While Pepper can be very difficult to spot!

Lots of hunting (they catch nothing, ever), running and generally having a very good time.

On our last leg, Pepper vanished.  She always does.

And she can be found cooling off in the ditch/stream/spring that runs the length of the field.

Once cooler, she then dashed off to resume her hunting.

With an added tide line!

Meanwhile, Ted remained just as glossy, dry and clean as when he started the walk.

On our way back home and the boys were watching us slightly bemused.  Note how much taller Dreki is than his little dad!  Possibly around 17hh now.  He is one big lad, looking more like his Mum than his dad.


Today, I was going to extoll the virtues of Edna and her love of the 3rd breakfast (I took photos and everyfink), but I was diverted.

Dreki comes in every day for training. I am still avidly following and reading the Michael Peace method of Think Equus and it works for us both very well.

We are still removing the drama of the llama.  It is also still work-in-progress. I forget that while Dreki looks like his father (Taktur, the most un-drama llama in the world), he is also half Brá as well, who is the very definition of the Llama of Drama (and yes, with capitals).

After llama removal, I put Dreki back in his field, had a quick grope of his ears and forelock (a stupid bridle issue) and told him to go back to his father, while I went to take photos of the sheep.

So, here we are ….. The Sheep.

And Madge in the far distance (she is so unsociable).

Harrel and Maggie came up to see me.

And then suddenly they ran away.

I turned to see the reason.  I was being followed.

Dreki was determined to follow me.

And it was somewhat of a surprise.  He never follows me – not even after a good 45 minutes workout for both of us.  So perhaps this means we have a relationship.

I wandered off to find some sheep to take photos of and Dreki just stood and looked magnificent.

And then suddenly he turned around and cantered off.

He wanted to find his dad.

Tomorrow I will bore you about Edna and her love of breakfasts.

Brave Dragon!

He’s not a brave dragon, is Dreki.  We are our working on this speshul skill.

Today, I showed him around the croft.  When we reached my shed, and the chairs outside, there was snorting and some fire breathing.

So I sat on one chair and put a carrot on the other one.

“Oh. My. Word, you want me to do what?” I could hear him say.

I wanted Dreki to believe me and himself that everything would be fine.  I wanted to remove any “Drama Llama” from this scenario.


And hopefully that problem has now been sold.

Dreki looks superb this summer but he has quite an attitude (drama llama) at the moment.  I am following Michael Peace’s method of training – Think Equus – natural horsemanship combined with sensible explanations, ie think like your horse and hopefully this will bring understanding as to his behaviour and I can approach this from his angle of the world.

Anywho, we moved onto the van next.  Dreki was fine about that.

Inside, and we renegotiated terms about the sheet and two poles I had put down on the ground yesterday, which he would just walk over but refused to be long-reined near.

Today was a new day and Dreki didn’t even think about it and I managed some lovely long-reining (sadly no camera as two hands on the steering!)

Then we went outside with the long-reins and it all turned to manure again!  Ho hum, tomorrow is another day….. work-in-progress.