Where’er you walk

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Everyone hates it.  I saw Lambie standing in a vicious hail shower with his head on the ground, looking very miserable.

So I opened up the sheep shed a bit better (with wifi and radio) as ‘Ster was hogging it, ie standing by the door and not letting anyone in.  I wish the Boyzens worked more as a team during bad weather rather than adopting the dog-in-a-manger stance, which is neither big or clever.

Puzzah is a hard nut and stays outside without making the fuss that other girls do.

For now, the Thordale horse/pony herd are very happy because there is still some grass in their new field.

Despite what is falling out of the sky, they ignore and happily go on eating.


But we are all bored of the hail.  It hurts too.

Look how Lambie’s Grade V fleece suffers.  He is not built for this weather and I feed him secret biscuits/carrots/beetroot when no one is looking as he is also the thinnest of them all. A Muzzah knows and minds.

Shhh….. don’t tell Daisy – she is tough and gets cross with me.

But “Where’er I walk”, I am followed.  One way.

And then the other!

I might be carrying secret carrots/beetroot/biscuits about my person.  You never know.

3 thoughts on “Where’er you walk

  1. Louise Stopford

    At least the boys have a nice stable to escape the dreadful weather you are having at the moment (and wifi to – wow how cool). They certainly know they have a loving home and mother to take care of them … and one that walks around with biscuits in her pockets (won’t mention that to Daisy) how good is that??!!


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