Tedwina and Friends and me!

Meet Tedwina and Friends.

Hand-made, ready to be loved jointed teddy bears (and some growl too!) and terriers (non-growling).

Unique, hand crafted collectors bears.

(I was especially taken with this one little chap).

He just had The Look!


So, on a stormy Saturday, we sat down a variety bears and their friends for their photoshoot.

They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Each one has his/her own unique charm.

I just love their expressions.  So beautifully made and understood.

We put them in little made-up families.

And I happily snapped away.

The bears and dogs are made by Lauren Doughton who has been making traditional jointed mohair teddybears since 2012.

Each bear is crafted using traditional materials and techniques.

You can find more information about these lovely heirloom bears and dogs on Tedwina’s Facebook page.

Or email Lauren on l.f.doughton@gmail.com

In the summer, there will hopefully be more photoshoots – I am imagining a picnic or a day at the beach.


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