More Ram

I know, I know, I am always droning on about the weather but at the moment there seems to be no let up.

We are running out of grass fast and so we moved the herd up to a new field.  Although not big, it will do for the time being.

It is touch and go whether we have enouh grass until January, when we will start the silage bales.

In this field, none of the horses are thin or need extra.  I still religiously take Delia her bucket, though – she is 2 miles away – and she still enthusiastically flattens me for it.  Today we had trotting and whinnying when she saw me.

Technically, the new field is where the sheep lived during the day.  They are furious with me for letting the horses in and, except for Puzzah, found their hole under the fence and crawled out, leaving Puzzah on his own wondering where they had got to.  I called Puzzah up and let him out as it was not fair for him to be by himself – though I did see him secretly talking to Newt who is approximately the same size and not a dissimilar colour.  He probably wanted to adopt him and disown Lambie.  I wouldn’t blame him.

I had some lovely photos of the waves – which I have lost due to computer troubles.  With an early Christmas present, however, from my OH (more RAM), I am now back up and running again.

So basically, more RAM makes everything better!


Oh, and apparently it might stop raining/blowing by the end of next week.


8 thoughts on “More Ram

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Frances, I wish you could send all your ponies down to me for a couple of weeks – we still have too much grass and one of ours has just had a mild dose of laminitis (not little Alfie, the Shetland, thank goodness) because one of them has discovered that he can help the others to remove their muzzles. Seems ridiculous to have to muzzle at this time of the year! I hope your weather settles down soon.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    The truth is you are overrun with Ram(s)! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and delish dinner at the fancy, smacie restaurant at Spanish Bay. It was lovely. Warm (even hot) in places along the west coast. Jeez, this is supposed to be Autumn.

    Hello to All – MMR&HSR

  3. Terri

    That Shetland sky! **sigh** As rams go, Puzzah is very handsome! (more so than the RAM you need to transmit your lovely photos)


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