Vitamin to the Vet

We got up an hour early to get our chores done as soon as we could.  Then we went to catch Fivla and Vitamin to take them over to the stable to eat their breakfast.

They had to walk past Taktur who managed to look particularly dishy.  Fivla politely wuffled at him in appreciation. ❤️

While Vitamin just wasn’t really into eating, Fivla was.

So we put Fivla in a separate stable (as she was beginning to pick of Vitamin) and gave Vitamin anything she wanted.  She liked the idea of beet nuts (soaked). We left them to it and grabbed a quick breakfast ourselves.

Then, driving very carefully, we went to the vet surgery.

We let the ladies out early as there was a nice patch of grass. I wanted to see if Vitamin could manage any.

Again, she liked the idea but didn’t eat. I told myself she was probably full from the sugar beet.

And so the dentist did her best.  Cars and lorries drove past. Vitamin and Fivla coped admirably.  Not a flicker.

After some initial dental work, our vet ended up giving Vitamin light sedation as it was painful for her – she is strong for an old lady!

A tooth fell out while being rasped and the vet said there was a sharp one digging into the gum above.

Afterwards, we waited for 30 minutes and Vitamin had a IV painkiller injection and IM antibiotics.  We were sent home with more too.

While we waited, Floss posted carrots into Fivla who waited for her friend very patiently (probably worried she would be next) and then we went to the shop to buy our supper leaving Vitamin to recover in the horsevan.

When we considered it safe to travel, we drove very slowly home.

Everything crossed for Vitamin please. She is eating now even less and I tell myself that no one eats after a painful trip to the vet/dentist.  Tomorrow is another day.

5 thoughts on “Vitamin to the Vet

  1. Jayne

    Anyone who has read your blog for a while knows how much you adore these beautiful animals and that you will do anything and everything for them. This is hell for you (and obviously not a great deal of fun for Vitamin either).

    Prayers, and fingers & toes crossed.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Here’s hoping it was the tooth that was the problem, and after a day or two of healing Vitamin will be eating voraciously once more. Thank you for the update. Wishing all well.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I had three days of dentists last week – had to take a friend to have some teeth out on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had the equine dentist vet to do 4 ponies’ teeth, two of them very old boys, then on Thursday I had to go to my dentist for a filling ! I’m not good with dentists! Lots of sympathy for your old lady and fingers well and truly crossed. xx

  4. diane in northern wis

    Praying for Vitamin that she’ll start to feel better and start eating again. Such worries.


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