A few photos from my phone today….

Edna was having her second breakfast with “help” from Pepper.  Edna always has another breakfast as she has never forgotten that, when she was thin, two breakfasts were a good amount.  She will not give this routine up….. not ever. She also only has one tooth so I like to give her extra privately.

Neither seem to mind each other, which is good.  Pepper is such a parasite!

She snuffled around the feed shed and then discovered the mixing spoon.  Happy days.

Indoors there is also a competition.  Ted was trying to be first. I was trying to take nice photo of Monster to send to OH who is outwith Shetland working south.  He misses his boy.

Pepper tried a different approach.

Ted kept on smiling (*note-to-self, I must clean his whiskers – hello, revolting).

Working the room!

How could anyone resist?

Pepper sitting on my knee dishing out filthy looks.

But today Ted wins.

And this was the photo I sent to OH.

2 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Sam

    Nice that Edna is part Hobbit with Second Breakfasts. Little Miss Maine Coon does the same thing, 1/2 is eaten with her medications, then seconds will be served. As for the pesky Little One vs. Grow-up Pup – good luck! Teddy seems to have adjusted rather well to his new home. And Monster is lovely.


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