Exercising the Dogs

It’s been vicious all day – a constant gale. Floss and I felt battered and sand blasted while we dished out food, haynets, carted water, etc.

I took the girls a mid-morning snack of a grassibix to see if they wanted to have a casual munch.  As you can see from their noses, that lick bucket has also had heavy use.

You can’t see Vitamin’s nose as well, but she is all sugary and crunchy too!

It was no weather to walk dogs in.  We had had enough of being blown sideways so Floss and I entertained Ted and Pepper in the shed by throwing tennis balls for them.

As they are rubbish retrievers, the pair of them, we decided to see if Pepper loved “the Evil Pole” which was previously beloved of BeAnne. She had spent many hours running after it.  We found this out when the trotting pole was dragged along to be placed back on the wall and BeAnne chased it all the way.

So what you do is hold the pole at one end with the other on the ground while spinning round and round.  Pepper thought this was the Best Game Ever.

Ted feigned some interest too.

But really it was Pepper who ran in large circles trying to kill it.  We found this was the best way to tire out a small unexhaustable terrier.

Some more ball throwing for Ted who ran and ran straight past, but enthusiastically.

So that was the dogs walked!

And then back to the endless rounds of feeding.

Just after this photo, I found Monster licking Pepper’s head clean.  I shouldn’t have to see that!

4 thoughts on “Exercising the Dogs

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I have found that a lunge whip dragged round in a circle is another good ‘toy’ for little terriers to chase and lighter than a pole! I’m another one who loves the last picture – they look so snug and cosy.


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