Tölt is AWESOME!

Today Anna had a go on Kappi, Bjørn’s Icelandic gelding (I think she looks like an illustration from the lesser known children’s book, Pippi Longstocking Rides an Icelandic Horse!)


Someone previously asked me to show them tölt on film – so here is a slowed down version (without the sound).  You can see the actual movements and foot fall of Kappi as he does a medium/slow tölt around the indoor arena.


Here is the same film at its correct speed, with Bjørn’s commentary and yes, he does say Hallelujah!


Anna said “Tölt is (and this word is banned in my house) AWESOME! It is amazing to experience it, especially on Kappi, who has such a lovely tölt. I hope to ride horses with this special and unique gait more in the future.”



She had a brilliant time, using every muscle in her body, including the cheesey grin, and is perhaps aching a little now.  Kappi went very well for her.  He doesn’t have to and he certainly isn’t automatic.


They also did some trot as well as walk, turn on the forehand and some leg yield.  All good riding experience and I got to practice my arty-farty shots too.


I am sorry this is a short blog post, but I am exhausted. We spent the day in Lerwick and my legs have stopped functioning with my brain shortly following……

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