I bet David Attenborough doesn’t have these problems

My day started well. I could see it had potential.  I was in the garden (a gorgeous day in Shetland, today) photographing when I saw this starling with a meal worm.  I was thrilled with the middle picture and then spent the rest of the day trying to achieve this again.

L1020900 L1020901 L1020926

With little, if no, success.


Feeling a bit, meh about my already doomed potential starling photography career, I went to feed Taktur and talk to the lads.  They were like a comedy double act.




But very funny.  Not dissimilar to others, I know.  

Anyway, I digress.  

I returned to my spot in the garden, with my faithful and silent (note, silent, please) terrier with camera, and now a tripod, to sit patiently, David Attenborough-stylee, forever to wait for the starling parents to come and feed their babies.


While I waited, I amused myself by taking a few photos of my surroundings, trying out various settings, like you do.


I wanted to photo the birds going in and out of their nest in the wall of the old shed.


I did manage a few pictures and was happy the starling parents weren’t really caring that I was so close.

L1030043 L1030044

When along came two annoying giggling teenagers who should know better.


So I did the tried and tested method of taking photos of them to put them off and make them go back indoors – it usually works.


and failed.  They stayed.  

As I said, not dissimilar to two other certain little irritations…..


So I went back to my photography trying my best to ignore them.


And managed to get this film.

I was very pleased and I hope you enjoy it.  God alone knows why there is no sound and it appears to be very slowed down. I need to RTFM now about that technical reason.

So, I set the dog on the girls instead and they were horrible to her as well!


I am going to train her to chase them out of the garden, like the chickens – watch ’em BeAnne!


Don’t feel sorry for them. They deserve all they get!


2 thoughts on “I bet David Attenborough doesn’t have these problems

  1. Sam

    You need to think of the giggling teenagers as baby birds – push them out! No, seriously it is nice to see them getting along even if they did remind you of some snarky horses…


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