The Scottish Government – Round 2

An early start for us all.  Daisy and I were at Jo’s for 08.00.  Fivla was already waiting to go.


We had left the Land Rover full of all the stuff we used from yesterday so all we had to do was load up the ponies and get going to Lerwick to collect Fiona at Tesco’s car park.


As we drove out of Lerwick, we could see the fog starting to come down.  It wasn’t too bad on the way in but our hearts sank into our boots as we headed south for the airport.


This is not the weather that lets important airplanes into Shetland.  We had been asked to meet The First Minister of Scotland, Mr Alex Salmond, for a photoshoot with Fivla and Vitamin in their Fair Isle sweaters on behalf of The Scottish Government.

L1080767 L1080772

Camp was made at the approved place – a field next to The Sumburgh Hotel in front of The Jarlshof – one of Shetland’s most famous landmarks.

L1080777 L1080780

The happy campers!


Bored, while waiting for any plane to land, we played i-spy while I took photos of sparrows.  My phone rang occasionally with the latest update but still we sat…..


The sun tried to come out and failed so we did a spot of fog-bathing for a while, still waiting.


We had put the girls on a tether tied to the Land Rover bumper and they were busy stuffing their faces.


At one stage, we managed to lose Fivla and Vitamin in the long grass around the side of the trailer.

L1080797 L1080799 BN2A6987

Then action – the phone call.  Mr Salmond was held up in Aberdeen or Edinburgh by the fog so another Minister, Mr Derek Mackay MSP was going to take advantage of the ponies and have his photo taken instead.  He is the Minister for Local Government and Planning.

The “offishul photographers” arrived, were given their orders and sent to various locations…..


…. while we worked at dressing the ponies.

BN2A7029 BN2A7022 BN2A7016

Once ready, they went to meet and greet.


Mr Mackay liked them very much and seemed happy to participate in this event.


Many photos were taken and everyone behaved beautifully.

BN2A7170 BN2A7178 

There were photos with us as well….


… and a film.


Afterwards, a quick brush down so that no white pony hairs were on the suit. (I brought my grandmother’s cloakroom brush for the job)


Then the girls were got ready to travel home.


It was a long day for us all – exhausting.  All that waiting in the fog.


Home again for everyone.


A day to remember and I think Mr Mackay will remember us too.


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