Gilbertson Park Commonwealth Games Celebration

Today was the “Celebrate One Year to Go until the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow” afternoon. So off we went to Gilbertson Park in Lerwick with Fivla and Vitamin, plus the Fair Isle sweaters.


Luckily it was a cool, overcast day which meant the ponies were not too hot or miserable.  We arrived, did some brushing, and put the ganseys on.

L1080413 L1080414

We also quickly spied an ice-cream van so decided to start the session properly.


A few early introductions and then off to meet our waiting public.

L1080433 L1080427


There was much going on around us and the girls totally ignored it, concentrating only on the nice green grass that needed eating or the small child that needed meeting.


There was a prize giving and photos afterwards where the ponies were included.


More eating, more meeting and more greeting…

L1080647 L1080509

Still masses going on behind us, including Double Dutch skipping (very impressive).


There was even a large parade of flag wearing children and, though interested to start with, neither Fivla or Vitamin actually cared enough to stop eating for very long.

L1080670 L1080678 L1080676

We cleared up after ourselves and, as everyone was going home, we made the decision to wend our way as well.

L1080626 L1080725

I am exhausted but pleased.  The girls behaved perfectly and everyone loved them.  So Round 2 tomorrow and I will report back then of our next adventure.  An early start so I am off to bed.


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