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I am exhausted from the last few days but we had to get our messages today.  So off OH and I went to Lerwick.


I like Lerwick. It is just right.  Not too big, no road rage, everyone smiles and says hello.  It is also a place where you can go in wellies, hi-viz, a boilersuit and no one would bat an eyelid.  I took my camera, obviously.  It was a lovely day so I made the most of this.

L1080846 L1080850L1080911  L1080889 L1080913 L1080910 L1080903

One of those “floatels” has been parked on the main pier.


Perhaps not a thing of beauty, but I do like one of the “inmates” spiritual optimism!


So we shopped and quickly drove home having left the dogs for the first time on their own in the kitchen.  Jack is getting old and so is his bladder but there were no puddles, so that was good.  Their reward was a nice walk in the field to work on Loki’s recall skills.

BN2A7231  BN2A7239

Although Loki knows his name in the house and is very good at coming indoors, he has very selective hearing on walks.  He put up a snipe but never caught it.  He has a fair turn of speed but little stamina.


Then he went on a lead into the hill for a good walk with OH.


Jack and I went home as I cannot risk turning my ankle again on uneven ground and Jack only has short walks.  My ankle is splinted permanently now and I am waiting for an operation.  Yup another.


To be honest, I am rather worried about this impending time on crutches so I had a long talk with Taktur about it.  He is always good at listening and offering support.  I am crap on crutches, seriously crap.

BN2A7298 BN2A7301

I have also decided not to start riding in August too.  I need this ankle operation and I cannot afford to do any more damage to it (one of my falls was when I dismounted and my ankle collapsed leaving me hanging onto Haakon’s mane as a crutch – not good).


I am learning to let go – it just not very easy.



6 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Linda Penney

    many thanks for sharing Frances it must be very hard for you when you love to ride so much would your ankle copy in a buggy or little cart for a Shetland you would not have to leap up so far
    have a great weekend

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  3. Martine

    Lerwick looks like how I imagine Hogsmeade.
    It’s a bugger that you have to have another op. Back to the mainland again? Or can they do it on the island?
    I like Linda’s suggestion of a little cart…

  4. John Davies

    Enjoyed the photos in Lerwich; do they leave the barge/hotel docked up all of the time? Looks kind of like something made out of LEGOS!

    1. Frances Post author

      It is there for the foreseeable.

      Extensive work on the Sullom Voe oil terminal so there are accommodation barges scattered about various ports and harbours in Shetland.

      Agreed, they do look like they are made of Lego.


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