The Next Day

The last 48 hours have taken their toll on BeAnne.

She is a different dog – nervous, worried and worst of all, she has lost her terrific sense of humour and bare-faced cheek.  It was a very big deal emotionally for her and I am hoping that the whole outside experience will soon be forgotten and we will soon have the old BeAnne back.

We both have huge separation anxiety – her and me!


I took BeAnne and Loki for a slow walk this morning and she stayed beside me except for a quick dip.  That is the first time I have seen her tail up and happy.  It is just beginning to wag too.


Nothing like a good roll afterwards.


Then she helped feed the horses together.  I called the herd up to see how they had faired in the filthy weather.  The fatties got hay.


They were not very impressed to be honest.


While the thinnies (or potential thinnies) had a good hard feed mix of soaked beet, mix, barley rolls, carrots, conditioning cubes and bruised oats.


Basically The Minions had the same as Taktur so they could all share.


It started off with four bowls but everyone regularly changed their minds and wanted to see if another bowl had anything better in it.  I love the way Taktur just shares.  It does not dawn on him to say no, go away small Minion.


Storm was lovely and toastie under his rug.  He is getting on with it very well and the boys have stopped pointing and laughing.


I have ordered two smaller rugs with detachable necks for him from Dinky Rugs and when they arrive, I will fit each Minion.  Always good to have them for emergency weather though I doubt Storm will ever want to take his off!


6 thoughts on “The Next Day

  1. Cate

    Well, the boys might have stopped pointing and laughing, but I haven’t. 😉

    So good to know Storm is doing better and that Be Anne is coming round. The poor wee dearie, what a terrible night she must have had out there.

  2. bigears

    hope she feels more confident in a few days, it was a real upset for her – I remember our dog got out when she was being clipped, and they lost her for 2 days – we trailed everywhere looking for her, and of course she didn’t know at all where she was, she was in the huff for days afterwards, all our fault

  3. Trish

    I’m so glad you found her and that she is going to be okay…. poor little thing must’ve been petrified out in that weather. Poor you too.

    As for Storm and his lovely snuggly rug………..ahh bless!

  4. Linda

    It looks like BeAnn is coming along. She just needs to get her confidence back (and I think your walk with her really helped with that). Hopefully, this “adventure” will have taught her something about running away… Could she look any cuter rolling around, in your photo?
    And speaking of cute (don’t tell Storm I said this) he just looks so sweet in his beautiful purple rug. Looking at that site, you certainly have your choice of colors for everyone.
    And Taktur continues to be the quintessential gentleman.

  5. Linda K

    I’m glad BeaAnne is recovering. I’m sure she’ll be back to her cheeky self very soon.

    Let them laugh and point at Storm – I bet he’s feeling quite smug in his new rug.


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