The worst night of my life

Last night was the worst night of my life.

We had a violent thunder and lightning storm and BeAnne ran away from home.  OH and I searched for her until it got dark.  The weather was beyond horrific – hailstones, biting gale force wind and then sheet rain.

We went out at night too until we both ran out of clothes and waterproofs.

BeAnne was missing from 16.45 until 10.00 the next morning (plus an hour for GMT adjustment).  I did not sleep last night.  I lay awake thinking about my little girl out in that appalling weather on her own.

Jo came round first light with her two dogs and they went to one side of the hill while OH walked the other way.

I drove round in the Land Rover calling and looking at the hill for any sheep running or movement.  BeAnne is not interested in sheep, but sheep run at anything different.

The weather had given us some let-up but soon started revving up again and we were all soaked when we regrouped with no news.

Jo and I went off to look once more in outbuildings and I thought of Watsness.  BeAnne and I go riding there.  We spoke to a friend who said she saw some sheep run earlier.  So we went up to the field and shouted.  BeAnne appeared and ran straight to me.

Oh God, I was so relieved.

She was soaking wet and shaking.  We drove her home and I gave her some food (she wolfed it) with a painkiller as she was licking her paws a lot and turned on all the heating so she could dry out.  She settled quickly and went to sleep.

This afternoon I went for a nap (exhausted in every way) and took BeAnne to bed with me.  She is very aloof but I think sleep is what she needs.

Sleep makes everything better.  Sleep and warmth.  She is asleep at my feet now.  I will tickle her tummy all evening.


Thank you for all your kind thoughts, words and vibes.  They were hugely appreciated and helped my sanity no end.

8 thoughts on “The worst night of my life

  1. Terri

    Oh, what a RELIEF that she’s ok! Whew, what a scare! BeAnne is such an adorable dog — you could write a book (with photos) about her interesting life. She must be soooo happy to be home….

  2. Laura

    Oh gosh, I cannot begin to imagine the turmoil you would have been going through! I am so so glad she is home safe and sound! That picture of her is unbelievably adorable though!

  3. Linda

    Worst night is right – it would be for me. And such a little girl to be lost in the rain and the dark. Hope she’s feeling better now…

  4. Sam

    Nothing more terrifying then a little critter out in the weather. Nothing! Glad to know BeAnne is back on her duvet. Give her a cuddle from across the pond.


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