Do they know?

Most odd.

I was having a rest on my bed this afternoon as my back was a bit achey and weird.

BeAnne followed me upstairs and plopped herself down next to me as per usual.

Next thing, there was a scuttling noise above and Wu appeared.  He comes into our room via an open Velux window and uses the roof as his safe passage to and from the garden.  Safe as in even Loki can’t get him up there.

Love and affection are very much on Wu’s terms.  He is not a huggable cat but he likes to be made a fuss of until he loses patience and goes for the throat.

So in comes Wu and jumps on the bed too.  He wanders up and down surveying where he is going to sit.  His normal spot is the bottom left corner by my feet.

But no, today he marched up to BeAnne, sniffed her firmly on the nose for a while and then sat opposite her.  He has never done this before.  This is not a Wu thing.


BeAnne was a bit non-plussed too (and me!)


(this is their interpretation of the famous Abba look!)


I almost feel Wu is psychically giving BeAnne a telling-off – reminding her how worried we all were that night.  Is it me, or does it look like BeAnne is listening and looking like someone who is on the receiving end of a bollocking?


A funny cat, our Wussums, and I would almost think he knew that what was going on and what’s more, cared.  He is not a huge canine fan at the best of times these days thanks to Loki’s continuous war effort.


Most odd.

Anywho, the horses and ponies are all fine.  They have got the hang of the food thing, which is good.  Three small Minions galloping enthusiastically up is a delight to see and Taktur shares beautifully.  Not many stallions would.

IMG_1976 IMG_1979

4 thoughts on “Do they know?

  1. Linda

    Yes, Wu knows what’s going on, and is doing everything you said she’s doing. They just know…(And it looks like BeAnn got the message.)

  2. bigears

    I think they do, I have seen cats comforting one that is ill, and I am sure that Wu is telling Beanne she was a silly girl and that the Wusome would never have done anything daft like that

  3. Sam

    Wu is laying down the law to BeAnne. Wu is the only one allowed to wander at night, so there!
    Good to hear Minions are galloping for food. Storm looks adorable in his coat of purple.


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