The Election and Questions

Vote For Wu!


He promises not to look down on you too much.


He has a Moggifesto.  He believes in more food whenever he wants, especially lightly boiled white fish, open windows, turned up central heating and no Loki.


Especially No Loki, actually.


He would like to reiterate, No Loki.  Have you got that?


Meanwhile, Lambie’s physio is going badly.  It has just not been the weather to be outside.  I carried him under my coat this afternoon to see if we, ie the dogs and I, could get him going in the indoor school.

He looked very small all on his own.


But he did eventually get the gist. Ok, he is not gambolling yet but when the weather gets warmer, hopefully he will feel more inspired.

Questions I need the answer to:

Should he be trying to eat grass? Can I offer him grass I have picked from the garden?  What about water too?  I can’t leave him in the garden as it is too cold and windy at the moment.

Can I give him anything to get his joints a bit better?  He does look sore when he walks and this weather is not helping.  He hates being outside (I don’t blame him – I hate it too at the moment).

His bed was dripping in urine this morning.  Is this normal?  Do sheep sit in their own pee?  He also pees on the newspaper so I was surprised to find his bed drenched.

Any answers would be hugely appreciated.

9 thoughts on “The Election and Questions

  1. Bigears

    go for it Wu.

    lambie, I am sorry, no idea what to give him, but grass couldn’t hurt – our lot liked hay

  2. Linda

    Wu looks rather stern and opinionated – perhaps he’s Tory?

    About the joints- here (in the US) there’s a lot of Glucosamine/Chondroiton used for pets and their joints. Also taken by humans as well (and it’s worked for my knees and my dog’s hips).

    I wonder if Lambie’s accident in her bed was just that – an accident? Could she have been too stiff to get up in time?

    Is it possible to get a (safe) heating-pad thingie that Lambie could lie on?

  3. Trish

    Wu looks very presidential!

    Sorry but I know nothing about lambs – his hips do look very stiff and painful though.

  4. Terri

    Lambie looks so tiny in that big arena — he follows BeAnne around like a, er, sheep. At least BeAnne seems to have accepted Lambie’s presence (cute photo of them next to the oven yesterday). Lambie looks lost without a wooly mum or herd to keep him warm. My instinct would be to keep him inside and only let him out on warm days (or minutes/hours, in the case of Shetland weather). Yes, he needs to be outside, that’s his element, but in his case, perhaps not quite yet (he is only 2 weeks old tomorrow, and he has had a very rough beginning). He does look much stronger, despite his awkward gait. I agree with Linda, that perhaps he just had an accident in his bed, because he couldn’t get up in time. We have used special warming pads (waterproof) designed for invalid or aged pets and found them useful (and appreciated).
    (As to the election: I abstain from the vote, as I like both Wu and Loki.)

  5. Linda K

    I’d certainly vote for Wu! He’s a vast improvement on the current options. Plus, he’s so handsome.

    Poor Lambie, he certainly looks stiff. I hope he’s not in too much pain. I see he likes to stick close to Bea-Anne, does he see her as a possible substitute mum? Sorry, can’t help with any advice but know you will do your utmost for him.

  6. Diane

    My 2-week old lambs have already been nibbling at hay and grass for a week. I think they’re still relying on milk for the bulk of their calories but they have already sprouted teeth and are gnawing on anything they can.

  7. Joanna

    I always put clumps of grass with roots and soil in with my young or sick animals. Lambs like to lick the soil and put grass in their mouths from very young. As he’s living in the kitchen, maybe you could put the turf in a plant tray. I give my sick animals whatever herbs are growing: most sheep like dandelion including roots, some like comfrey if you have it yet. It might be a bit late to bother now, but I’d recommend that Nettex Kick Start for any young lamb, it’s great. Have a look at their website and see what you think, it does say growing lambs as well as new born.


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