We are Cold

We are all cold.  I don’t believe it is really Spring and there is a gale on its way to make everything worse.

Lambie-Borghini, who I think you will agree has grown, refuses to leave the warmth of the Rayburn, ever.  I don’t blame him.


Sometimes there is a bit of a queue for this amenity but everyone seems to share ok, if grudgingly.


I hate this weather – cold, damp, windy and sometimes raining.  It makes all my bones ache but I still have to look after my animals.

Taktur is fed daily his Muscular Handsome Prince food.  He needs to put on weight – muscle preferably.  He is not easy to keep weight on especially in this weather.  Hence the rug and I am not a rug person at all.

BeAnne’s lifelong ambition seems to be to turn herself into a muesli bar!


Once he had finished his grub, I returned Taktur to his waiting Fan Club.


Taktur instantly went in to try on their small shed.  He was happy to share it with his twin.  I think it is nearly impossible to tell them apart (from a distance).  Woah – look at that uncanny resemblance!


Little Storm loathes this weather.  He is always the last one to go outside and would hang around waiting to come in the house if he thought I would let him.


(sadly, OH says no, though I would in a shot).

So, I have spent the afternoon, having walked the dogs, staying mostly indoors taking photos of Lambie.  He is much cleaner now thanks to all your suggestions and he likes being brushed.


Lambie has the most beautiful long eyelashes.

BN2A9509  BN2A9542

And floofy wool – some of which is very curly-wurly (around his neck) and some is straight (body and head).


Should I comb his curls or leave them?

5 thoughts on “We are Cold

  1. Rebecca Final

    Lambie is looking wonderful. I think you have a long-time friend there. The curls are very cute, I guess if the weather stays bad and you get bored, you could comb them out. I’m guessing it would only make him more fluffy and adorable. Taktur and his little mini-me are so cute together.

  2. Karen

    Lambie is looking wonderful under your care. The first shearing from a lamb is very desirable to spinners if it is a good fleece, especially from around the neck area…the softest part of the fleece. Love seeing Taktur and his mini me together. So funny how Waffle looks up to big T. 🙂

  3. Louise

    It’s very cold here and blowing a gale and sometimes raining and quite frankly I’m completely fed up with it 🙁

  4. Katie

    The tiny size of Lambie is suddenly clear curled up next to Beanne trying to absorb as much heat as possible! Taktur and his mini-me are too cute. Thanks for sharing all of your 4-legged family!

  5. Sam

    Leave the curls. Love the Maxi me and Mini Me! Here’s hoping warm weather comes your way soon.


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