Singing and Riding and Lambie

It was a lovely morning, if windy, so I looked outside to see if the horses were around.

Yes, yes they were all outside but fast asleep having forgotten to leave an armed-guard against the potential tigers.


Feeling guilty, I took Haakon from the field and took him out for a ride.  I hate waking them up but the sun has been a rare commodity recently so I wanted to grab my moment.


We set off along the usual route.  I didn’t have to tell Haakon what to do – he knows his job.  So I plugged in my earbuds, put my hands in my pockets, sat back and enjoyed the view.


Poor boy, I may have been singing as we went along.  You know, that awful tuneless singing when you wear headphones and can’t hear yourself.


I was reminded of this clip…. and I got a funny look from a passing car driver!  But it was nice to get out and I feel refreshed, though poor Haakon probably feels deaf!

Afterwards, I took Lambie-borghini to the vet to be, cough, castrated.  Lambie was a huge hit with the staff on account of his cuteness overload.


He escaped the castration as there was nothing big enough to castrate.  This job will have to wait for another day.  Meanwhile he had another dose of antibiotics and painkillers to help his walking and Joint Ill.  Lambie weighed in at 1.6kg so he has gone up in weight. I can’t remember what he was before but he weighs more than before.


Lambie was very perky when he got home and took over the dog bed with a “dogged” determination.



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