The Community Scarecrow Competition

We drove past this terrifying sight on Thursday night on our way home from vegetabling.

This is the Watsness Witch, a genious creation by our neighbours as their entry for the Community Scarecrow Competition – for more entries see the Facebook page – it is truly inspirational.

I saw this carefully laid at the base.

They light her up at night and with that I go and hide under my bed!

Photo by Kaila Tarrant

Still, its an ingenious idea but terrifying so I made a sheep to calm myself down.  The brown one on the left.



2 thoughts on “The Community Scarecrow Competition

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Brilliant! Imagine, though, if you drove along that road at night, not knowing about the scarecrow competition, and caught that in your headlights – I’m sure it has the potential to caause a crash! Or to leave the car driver with nightmares!


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