Other Sheeple

A few more photos (ok, lots) from the other day when I was busy taking 245 photos (yup, I counted) of Lambie and friends.

And, it’s not all about Lambie.  Not really.  There are others.

Bert being mysterious

He suits Autumnal colours.

‘Ster’s Greta (Garbo)

Dearest darlingest Edna

An Abba moment with Missy and ‘Bert

And another – I call this “Knowing me, Knowing you”.

Abba, you say?!

Oooh, ‘Ster!

One Content Sheep – Madge

One Fast Asleep Sheep – ‘Ster

I hope you liked the photos.


8 thoughts on “Other Sheeple

  1. Sam

    While I do adore the Lambie photos with his Winning Smile, you also have other pretty Sheeple.
    Thank you for these lovely photos. Nice to see sun since it is lightly snowing in Southern New England….

  2. diane in northern wis

    I loved these photos, Frances. You take the greatest pictures. Now if Lambie and Missy would be friends, it would be perfect! (maybe someday)


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