We have been living in a storm for what seems like forever.  All our chores, are exactly that – chores or as we call it “bloody hard work”.  Yesterday, in full survival gear, I struggled over to the Minions’ field, quickly counted and checked horses and ponies, threw a bag of carrots at them and was blown home. I felt very sorry for them. I thought they would have more shelter but the wind and rain were brutal.

Today, after lunch, there was a lull for a couple of hours, though it is revving up again tonight (up to Force 11 – I only work with the Beaufort Scale).

Knowing this, Daisy and I had postponed as much of our morning work as possible.  While she built an electric fence in a new-to-be-grazed field, I went and had a chat and check of the Minions.  They will be moving tomorrow.

I have lined up the troops and we will put them in a field full of green grass that has barely been touched all year.

I hope they are all co-operative (and grateful).

I am counting on my little guys.

Once the electric fence had been beautifully constructed by Daisy, we went home and finished up by feeding the Old Men their “morning” TurmerAid, just as the sun was going down!

So that’s tomorrow’s plan.

1 thought on “Interlude

  1. diane in northern wis

    Can’t wait to see how everything goes tomorrow as you move your buddies into a new green space. I’m sure they’ll greatly appreciate your kindness!


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