Not Going Out Much

I have acute sinusitis – if anyone is passing who has done even just a coffee morning in trepanning, please feel free to drop in and have a shot on me.  My head is exploding so I am trying to rest, stay warm and delegate as much as possible.

I did manage to get outside today as I was told Puzzah was on his own.

I found Iacs instead.

And then the rest.

Albie immediately came over.

And little Newt pushed his way through the forest of legs to come and chat.  I may have a couple of old bananas and apple on me too!

It is a bleak time of year for the horses – we will move them tomorrow over to Clothie for a week, while I am away south.  I leave on Wednesday for 6 days to help my mother.

The sheep will be happy to have their field back too. They hate sharing and have left in a huff.

Meanwhile, Puzzah was drifting about by himself and while the other Boyzens were miles away in a happy, if neglectful, group.  Puzzah can’t get his mighty horns under the hole in the fence so was left behind.

I shouted at them and they came racing over.

Jumping the burn and galloping towards me.

It was starting to get dark because it was after lunch and we are nearing the shortest day soon.

Puzzah was glad the others had come home.

I love the way the white hen is in the same step as Lambie – a dressage chicken/sheep combo!

The daily smörgåsbord of beetroot and parsnips was served up.

Awww, father and son.  Happy little chaps

I just need to teach Puzzah how to perfect his Winning Smile!

8 thoughts on “Not Going Out Much

  1. Linda

    So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Frances – and as I recall, sinusitis HURTS! Hope you’re taking something for it.

    I think Puzzah has a wonderful smile (even without his teeth showing). Very warm and sweet. Glad his buds came to join him, he looked a bit lonely out in that field alone…

  2. Sam

    Must be something in the air, you are the 4th person I know with this! Hope you feel better soon.
    Do love the dressage of Lambie and yes, Puzzah needs to work on his winning smile. Love,love, love how Newt just shoved his way thru legs to get some Mom love (and treats).

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Strangely enough I may have an answer that will help with the sinusitis. I have severe, weather related migraines that get worse traveling in areas like the Orkneys and Shetland. The only thing that has helped over the years is taking Benadryl or something similar that says it will help with sinus headaches. I did the shots, the prescription pills and virtually nothing else worked. Give it a try and just see what happens. When in the Orkneys many people mentioned having headaches (summer/winter, it doesn’t matter) and hadn’t quite figured out the correlation. It worked for those that gave it a shot. Give Benadryl a try and see what happens. Far better an OTC med that works than having to take a prescription drug.

    The Boysenberries plus One are truly the best (plus the chicken). MMR

  4. Darby

    when I first saw Puzzah his horns looked so intimidating. I was hard to believe he was Lambie’s father. they look so different. but now I see that they both have the most charming and sweet faces,lovely soft eyes. I would find it hard to resist them. Hope you are feeling better Frances.

  5. Louise Stopford

    Love the sheep and the chicken photo. Hope you are feeling better – this time of year and weather damp and cold does not help at all. You need to feel better for your visit South. Where is Clothie btw – is it nearer to your home?

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you.

      Clothie is just across the hill – we can see it from the gate and just walk about 200 yards through the hill. The field is not adjoined to us.


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