Storm’s Social Life

As you know, I am worried about my little boy Storm.  He is not as rotund or mobile as the others so I brought him indoors to give him extra food and love.


Jo and Fi had brought Tór and Hreyfing over for some practice in the school.  This was Jo’s first real go at riding Tór since he had arrived from Iceland a few months’ back.  Everything was very laid back.


Storm was wandering around too adding to the relaxed ambience in the school.  He is always rather intrigued by this riding thing and is not sure if it will catch on.

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When Tór stopped, Storm was keen to say what ho!

BN2A0033  BN2A0037

Storm is not feared by other horses.  He is not an aggressive or confrontational pony and likes to make friends rather than enemies.


And then he discovered Jo’s coat hanging up.  In the pockets he could smell horse nuts and made it his mission to get them.


There was even a small temper tantrum (stamping his hoof) because the food was far down in the pocket and he couldn’t reach it.


Luckily Jo distributed the contents of her pockets once she had dismounted and untacked Tór.


When Fi had finished her work on Hreyfing, Storm went racing up to chat up this new girl.  I have never seen him with a mare or filly but he thought they were rather nice!

Hreyfing was distinctly unimpressed.


6 thoughts on “Storm’s Social Life

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    As I may have told you, I am fascinated by your animals. Now I have a question. How much of the coat on the ponies is winter coat? Will they loose a lot of their long hair in the summer? Also do you know if any of the “real” Shetland ponies have been exported to the US. I ask this question because I know that right now the Shetland sheep aren’t imported to the US.

    Seeing the pictures of your homeland and the horses and ponies has become an enjoyable part of any day that you post. Thanks for all the information I have gleaned from your posts.

  2. Frances Post author

    Shetland ponies from Shetland are exported to the US some years. It has been done and very successfully too.

    All the long coat is winter coat. It will be brushed/fall out in Spring and then they are completely different with a short smooth coat.

  3. Roberta Earley

    We have a tantrum doer here………..Frazer…………….when things don’t go the way he thinks they should go.
    Love Storm he is a cutie.


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