AndyPants and FivvieChicken

Today we drove to Vementry.


The scenery was breathtaking.


We went to borrow Anderwoo and Fivvie.  We need them for a project next week (more as it happens).

These two Shetland ponies have been lent, since August, to a family with three little girls and have been teaching them to ride.  Fivla and Andy were originally used in our riding school so know their jobs very well.

When we arrived, we immediately saw (and heard) Anderwoo.


Anderwoo was the same as ever!


The girls were very sorry to see their beloved riding ponies going but we promised they would return as soon as we had finished with them.


The girls were very helpful and obviously knew their ponies well.

BN2A0080 BN2A0082

You could not want better children’s ponies than Andy and Fivla.  They love being ridden and they adore little children.


I think this photo says everything about Fivla.  She has never been happier.


We offered to load the ponies but, no, this was instantly and effortlessly done by the girls.  It was a real pleasure to see our ponies appreciated and loved.


That is all any Shetland pony wants.  The nice ones were invented to be loved by children.



11 thoughts on “AndyPants and FivvieChicken

  1. Anna Hillman

    I don’t know why they have the reputation of being horrid and nasty either. I have only met lovely ones, and the 3 I have owned so far (I say “so far” as I KNOW there will be more to come!), have been angels, very very special wee people! Lovely pics of these ponies……I WISH I could find a Fivla for myself. the grey ones seem quite hard to find!

          1. Anna Hillman

            Hi Frances, I am in no hurry, but if you hear of any grey ones, that aren’t a million miles away from Oxfordshire-ish, aren’t way overpriced, must have good to great confirmation, with a lovely head, be a nice person (as around our 5 year old daughter, and be an eventual team member), and must be 34″ to 35″, mare or gelding, no older than 6 or 7, and no younger than 2 or 3…….tall order?? Me sound fussy much?? lol (or would consider a palomino of the sort of quality of the one pictured in the blog lol same criteria applying)

  2. Linda

    (evidently hit the wrong key…) Can you imagine all the little girls around the world who would give anything to be in those little girls’ wellies? Good for them; life lessons in loving and being kind to animals.


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