Soley, thy name is Enchantment

I have been making needle-felted sheeple all afternoon and took a break to write the blog but…… I can’t upload any photos of darling little Sóley with her sister, Lilja.

Here isn’t Little Sóley behind the dry stone walls (you can see just her ears. Oh, but you can’t because WordPress won’t let me upload the photos).

And little Sóley being groomed by her Mum.  Lots of very nice (and they are too) photos of our foal, Sóley from Thordale with her mother, Hetja, and her sister, Lilja.

So, I am sorry and please check back in later because I might be able to upload the photos by then.  They are really jolly good and I wish I could just get on with the blog because the shop has run out of sheep (got a phone call this afternoon) and I need to make a good pile this weekend to send to town for sale.

4 thoughts on “Soley, thy name is Enchantment

  1. lynn

    I am looking forward to when you can post the photos but in the meantime i will revisit the ones from the agriculture shows, they are delightful beyond description.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I can’t wait to see these beautiful-sounding pictures! Wow…how wonderful that the shop keeps running out of your wonderful Sheep. I can see where they would make the perfect souvenir for people! Good for you, Frances!

  3. deborah

    I love your blog with pictures and without them because I like your writing style. Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning. I hope you will enter your needle-felted sheep next year to the agriculture shows


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