Vegetable Creations – Cunningsburgh Show 2019

So here we are (and I may have had gin tonight as I type this) with my photos of the wonderful and truly inspired Vegetable Creations from the Cunningsburgh Show.

And I have to say I chuckled my way around this section, full of admiration at the exhibitor’s ingenuity and creativity.

The best imaginations and artistry at work.

And you don’t have to go big to be clever.  Sometimes less is all you need.

For me, it is the expressions.  The swallowed-a-button faces are wonderful.

There were three birds in a tree – exceptional and folk stopped to admire.

A briilliant galleon with aubergine and courgette fish.  Perfect. That aubergine whale is brilliant.

Now I might be wrong, but I do think this chap featured in the Walls Show a few days previously.

And this guy was perfect.

And there were gasps from the crowd when they saw the fabulous cockeral.  I was very impressed.

So, it was another memorable day at this year’s Cunningsburgh Show.

I see the vegetables I pack at Transition Turriefield on a Thursday with new eyes and imagine the artistic creations I could make.



5 thoughts on “Vegetable Creations – Cunningsburgh Show 2019

  1. Sam

    The Veg Drummer was indeed at Walls. He is great! Far and away the best display of fruits and veggies that I have seen.


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