And now with Photos!

Well yesterday was a total disaster blog-wise so I am trying again. Apologies. It was out of my control.  Anyway, today, the photos have loaded fine.


I found Lilja and Sóley exploring behind the drystone dyke (wall) that act as shelter in the harsh weather.

Lilja guessed I had brought a carrot.  She was correct, of course.

Sóley waited by herself for a while…..

….. until her mother, Hetja, did that special mother where-are-you-my-child whicker.

And little Sóley duly appeared.

She is a very precious treasure.

Hetja is the best mother I know.

She loves her foals. I am sad Hetja won’t be having another one but she is getting on now and, after this year’s retained placenta, I would hate for her to have more or worse complications.

Hetja’s sweetitch is finally clearing up too and she looks so much better.

Midges are rare in Shetland but I am much better equipped to deal with them so Hetja has some peace.  I also have to hand a variety of unguents, lotions, potions, concoctions as well as knowledge.  It was a vertical learning curve.

Little Sóley is loving her life with her big sister and her mother.

She is very relaxed and happy.  They are one big happy family – complete with Dad (Taktur) shouting at them two fields away when he gets a glimpse.  Of course, they all ignore him and Hetja determinedly takes them away.  Taktur then he gives up and goes back to his little herd of boys and shuts up, thankfully. Shouting at the ladies at 05:00 is tedious.

I love this photo.  Sóley means buttercup in Icelandic!  Perfect.


8 thoughts on “And now with Photos!

  1. Mary Domito

    Hello Frances!
    Greetings from Taos, NM.
    A highlight of our summer Shetland trip was meeting you and the ponies.
    I can’t wait to return again.
    Sending you and the critters my best
    – Mary

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love these pics! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing them. Hope you’re getting lots of sheep made!


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