*** sigh ***

The weather was closing in yesterday evening.

It all looked very ominous, if a little worrying.  I am not a fan of thunderstorms (luckily it didn’t – just rain).

But after supper, I went to my shed to make another sheep and I was followed.

I let Monster in quickly because a) it was raining and b) he was whining about it.

And so I set to work as usual watching tv while I made my sheep.

But Monster was having none of the watching my laptop scenario.

While I hoped he wasn’t wet underneath, …..

…. Monster made himself comfortable for the evening.

Yes, I could hear the programme (Murdock Mysteries) but I couldn’t see very much.

Once I reached the end of that episode, I wanted to play the next one.  This was not as easy as it could be.  There was cat belly on the track pad and some weirdly distributed weight on the keys.

In the end I gently shifted Monster sideways off the keyboard so he snoozed on my glasses instead….

…. while his bottom was where it landed.

But Monster seemed happy.

He had a nice little sleep and woke very refreshed.  How could I ask him to move?  You couldn’t move someone as gorgeous as this!

9 thoughts on “*** sigh ***

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    The experience of we fellow cat lovers going out of our way so as not to inconvenience -heaven forbid – or make our little darlings move a muscle must be a common theme that goes back as far as the start of time itself.
    A newspaper, a book, a laptop, a freshly made bed , knitting especially I find: these are the places where a cat which would otherwise ignore you with great indifference and disdain (unless of course it was feeding time) will instantly want to come and be the literal centre of events. I hope the sheepel making went well. What a wonderful cat you have in Monster! What wonderful animals you have!

  2. M. Colleen McNamara

    White cats are speishle . Just ask ours. I am so glad you have given him some quality time.
    It may come back as good Karma since you think he might have it out for you?
    He does look comfortable. Cats certainly know how to do that.
    Our “White Cat” has to lay on Gil’s hand when he is trying to work on the computer.
    Just dads little helper. White cats have a tendency to always lay in front of, or on top of
    whatever you are trying to do. It is just in their genetic make up.
    Give him a scratch from his SW cousin. Hope the thunder and lightening holds off.

  3. Gz

    A handsome cat…who is telling you that he needs your 100% attention…of course!

    Hello..glad to have found you in a blog wander

  4. May

    A cat-on-laptop tip: Once said cat is asleep, gently shift him to a warm heating pad, plugged in and ready to go next to the laptop. Mind you, he could have started on the heating pad instead of the laptop, but what’s the fun in that? /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\


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