Four Plus Four

I spent the morning making these three happier.

I brought everyone home. First up were Newt, Silver and Storm – who all were caught, led and transported with no bother.  Then Fivla and Vitamin who would’ve driven the van home if they could.

Then I split them all up, putting Vitamin, Fivla, Newt and Silver in the surrounding small paddock that has the grass.

Poor (but fat) Storm had to stay in the starvation paddock, much to his horror!  I tried to explain to him that was his own good. I could see he didn’t believe me.

But Albie was pleased to see him.

Someone new to annoy.

While Tiddles is thrilled to see his friends again, he would like to join them. Please.

Pretty please!

And Albie looked wistfully over the fence too.

But it is what it is and that is my decision, which I must stick to.  I have to stay strong.

I arrived with the afternoon snack of soaked fibre block and the ones with all the grass had the brass neck to be jealous!

But they can all talk over the fence and hopefully my fence will stay up.

However, I did catch Storm chewing on the orange twine in The Great Escape sort of way!

I check the perimeter fence on an almost hourly basis now.

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