Little Ones

Well, I think we can all truthfully say that Storm has fitted right into this little herd.

Although he is not keen on the new slimming régime, the words “suck it up, Princess” spring to mind and he is managing to grudgingly choke down his meagre rations.

He has also made himself very at home in the little shed.  I am sure he and Waffle remember it as their first home when they came here half-starved all those years back.

They all take it in turns in the shed and do wonder whether they all squeeze in at night.

I will never know.  Probably better that I don’t.

Pepper is pleased everyone is home.  She makes a point of saying hello to everyone when I am outside doing chores – lugging hay, or clearing poo, cleaning water….. endlessly.

The other ponies stay close by because they have no choice (it is a small field) but they take an interest in each other and I think it is good they are neighbours.

I have just instructed an Agricultural Contractor to come and dig up a field and turn it into a track system.  I think this is the ponies’ future as laminitis is always around the corner.  We are at the planning stage.

And hopefully this will be the way forward.  Every time I think I have a plan, it is thwarted when laminitis appears….. again.  I can only think they must never eat green grass, except possibly in the winter.

3 thoughts on “Little Ones

  1. Sam

    “Track system”? Way to know where Monster is? At least the new inhabitants of the shed are being nice to each other.


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