Shetland Chauffeur

I had a wonderful day today with a new job – being a chauffeur.

Bjørn needed help and, as I was at a loose end all day, I happily offered my services.

We took Amina and BeAnne along with us and, while Bjørn was filling his trailer with silage for his ponies, I played “ducks and drakes” on the beach with them.  The stones at Grunivoe are particularly good and Amina was very happy to race after everyone and not bring it back!

BN2A9661 BN2A9671

BeAnne had an opportunity to display one of her many particular talents too!


So off we went back with the trailer to feed the Bjørn’s ponies.  I just hung about taking photos here and there.

BN2A9710 BN2A9690 BN2A9727

Onwards and upwards and off we went again.  This time to see some ponies in a different part of the village.

Bjørn’s ponies come to him when he calls.  It was lovely to see them running over the hill looking all wild and woolly.  They just really wanted to say hello but were not going to turn down food.

BN2A9741 BN2A9748

These are true fairy tale ponies. Utterly magical and so, so pretty.  Very photogenic.

BN2A9763 BN2A9788

Once more into the breach, and we fed the last pile of silage to his older mares.

BN2A9797 BN2A9817

I took hundreds of photos today and will bore you more with them over the next few days.  This is just the best bits from the morning.

I enjoy meeting other folk’s ponies.  It is a rare treat and this Stud has some beautiful ponies.


6 thoughts on “Shetland Chauffeur

  1. Linda

    “These are true fairy tale ponies. Utterly magical and so, so pretty.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! And I love that they come when he calls – but your “herd” is pretty darn good at that too, aren’t they?

  2. Linda K

    Beautiful ponies indeed. What an abundant mane that dark mare has, just gorgeous.
    That water must have been freezing!
    Hoping Iacs is on the mend.


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