For crying out loud.  Haakon is now lame.

This was last Friday – we were mucking around testing out a new emergency braking system.  Haakon was a joy to ride.  Fast, funny and with a huge sense of humour.  We were both smiling and happy.

So today, I brought him in (he follows behind me so I don’t see him walk).  I planned to do a little pottering and perfect our tölt.  I tacked up and got on.  Instantly I knew something was wrong.  Haakon’s head nodded when he walked – that I-am-lame kind of head nodding.

I instantly dismounted, untacked and walked him round trying to decide which leg it was.  His front feet smelled badly when I picked them out.  The front left was worst and I could see what I thought was an exit hole on the hoof wall with a sinus from the sole.  I think the abscess has burst or is in the process of draining as Haakon is not hopping lame like Iacs was – to the point I thought he had broken his back or leg!


So a hot soak and a poultice.  Haakon is sporting a purple bandage and taken up residence in the stable with Klængur, who always enjoys a Duvet Day.


I am not happy.  I have poured another free sample vial of Floris over myself to take the filthy smell away.  It does linger.

3 thoughts on “Next?

  1. Louise

    I feel your and their pain. Ours burst out of the bulb of his heel, not pretty and currently on his third week of box rest 🙁

  2. Terri

    Hell’s Bells, so sorry to hear this! What causes abscesses and are they more common in winter?
    Btw, have you tried Vick’s Vaporub at the base of your nostrils to mask the awful scent? Or a drop of an essential oil in a face mask? Good luck!


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