Rugs off, Rugs On

A lovely morning so rugs off and everyone said they wanted to go back to living on the track again.

This is Silver – he is revolting.

I am not going to brush anyone yet.  Winter coats are beginning to fall out but it is not all that warm yet.

The rest of my morning was spent adding more green plastic poles to my electric fence or Anti-Waffle devices, as I like to call them.

As my reward for lugging bags of poles around the track, I sat on a rock and had a little chat with Albie.

And Newt-the-Incredibly-Cute!

Late afternoon, and I went down with my two rugs as heavy rain is forecast later tonight. Everyone was on the otherside of their track.


Rugs back on again.

A quick chat, this time with Storm, etc.


And Silver.

I looked at my Apple watch, and apparently today I have climbed 14 flights of stairs and walked over 8,500 steps just lugging rugs, electric fencing or buckets (and folk think I don’t do anything all day – pah!)

And in sad news, Baby Bun died this morning. It was not to be.  RIP Baby Bun.  We tried.

I have told Pepper to bring no more home, please.

6 thoughts on “Rugs off, Rugs On

  1. judy shank

    So sorry about Baby Bun; life gets pretty darn real & tough at times.

    On a much different plain, I am the city person whose exposure to the equine world is just about nonexistant. That said, here’s my observation & the question it brings to mind: hair on many of the horses/ponies is long in the mane(?) between the ears. Does the long hair which covers their eyes bother them at all? Is the hair ever cut or does it not effect their vision?

    When does spring come to stay in the Shetlands?

    1. Frances Post author

      The forelock is the bit between the ears. It does sometimes cover the eyes and it does sometimes bother the ponies (their eyes water and can become gooby). I don’t cut hair (you never cut hair on a Shetland pony) and I do clean Fivla’s eyes daily.

  2. darby callahan

    so sorry about the little rabbit. you and your friend certainly did all you could. cute ponies are always a consolation.


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