A Peaceful Kinda Day

I’m feeling a bit low after the sad Baby Bunny news.  I wanted it to live so much but this was not to be.

I know it was just one little baby bunny and the whole world is littered with them, but even so. I do mind.  It’s a loss.

So I went to have some sheep therapy this afternoon.

These two were hanging around.  Lambie and ‘Bert, the original BFF’s.

You guys, those faces!

And fo course ‘Ster.  The others were mooching around outwith the field hoping I would feed them treats at the front door.

Sorry for the short blog.  Just not feeling it really.

7 thoughts on “A Peaceful Kinda Day

  1. Kathleen Woolley

    We all have days like that Francis. Have an early night. Tomorrow is another day.
    Ster is a sweety, so good looking. I expect all the girls are after him ❤️

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    So sorry re baby bunny Frances. You tried very hard (and your friend) and she was well cared for before she died

  3. MaryB

    Each loss is hard and leaves a hole in your heart . I’m glad the sheep did their best to cheer you . Animals can be so understanding when we are sad.

  4. diane in Northern wis

    Sorry you’re feeling down. Hope the sheeple helped a bit. We tried saving a bunny about that
    size, some years ago, but ours didn’t make it either. So sorry. Thank you for always posting….you are super!

  5. Colleen

    Rehabbing is always difficult. You celebrate your successes, and mourn the passing of others. At least the bun was warm and fed and didn’t suffer. You both did your best. Mother Nature is a rough mistress. But take comfort in all the critters you have sheltered, and raised to the special crew they are. So glad Bert and Ster and Lambie were there to be with you and understand.
    warmest wishes


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