Wee Bun Update

I dropped by my neighbour yesterday to deliver some specialist feed syringes that has just arrived in the post off Fleabay.

Although Baby Bun is not living with us as it is in the more than capable hands of my neighbour (and I would be useless), I feel totally responsible for this addition to their family – hence buying the baby animal feeding syringes and anything else they need at this perilous time.

And, of course, I had to have a quick squiz at Baby Bun who is looking a lot less scrawny, and much rounder and….. and…… ears up!  Yay!

Ears up are a good sign of development and being alert and happy.  The eyes are not open yet but almost…. not long now, I hope.

Anyway, I thought I would share the “ears up” situation with you as I was very excited to see this.  Baby Bun has no name yet as it is still very early days and no one is out of the woods yet.

But lots more fur too and that is another good sign.

Apparently the new feeding syringes made feeding time easier, so that’s good.  Oh, the worry. Always the worry.

3 thoughts on “Wee Bun Update

  1. judy shank

    So he we are on pins & needles in Florida (us & daughter #1) & Colorado (daughter # 2) worrying about this tiny bunny in The Shetland Islands. I shall now report in to the network about ears up, more fuzz, but still early times. Thanks for the report!

  2. Joan

    I volunteered at a wildlife rehab. During baby animal season, there were levels of expertise needed for the various tiny babies. Baby Bun-aged babies required the highest level, and even then there were failures. We used tiny tubes that fed into the stomach, and finding the stomach was no easy task. I never had enough confidence to attempt it, and satisfied myself with saving the birdies. So kudos to your friend for making the attempt and being successful so far!


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