Riding Three Times

Today started where we left off – trying to get our original Brand Ambassador to do his job.

With a combination of bad lighting and Lambie, the unhelpful sheep, we pretty much failed.  This is the best of a very bad job from Lambie’s turn.

Edna was around and she wandered up and looked lovely. I adore this one of her.  She is such a special lady.

I will try again with Lambie tomorrow. You never know. He might find his inner film-star other wise he may get the sack.

Having exhausted the photoshoot potential, I went riding.  First up was Iacs accompanying Efstur, then Klængur who went out with Taktur (it was fast and great fun) and lastly a sedate walk for Haakon around the school.

(These are photos from yesterday – I asked Daisy to ride Haakon for me. It is always good to get a second opinion and I value her judgement very much).

I have decided to try and ride Haakon almost daily, for ten minutes, just in walk to a) give him something to do and b) to stop him seizing up.  He is much healthier this year and feels very nice to ride.  Last year, he could barely move. Well, that’s the plan.  He is also much happier now his teeth are sorted.

I adore these three.  They are the very best.  It was a good day. I shall sleep well tonight.

6 thoughts on “Riding Three Times

  1. Sam

    Nice to see the Gentlemen of the Auburn coloring. Perhaps Lambie needs a conversation about pulling one’s weight to benefit the family? But Edna looked lovely with the Turamic Aid boxes.

  2. Deb

    Lovely pictures of the 3 men, and Edna and Madge are looking great. Glad to see you are on IG so I can “like” your pictures.


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