Brand Ambassadors

I received an email at lunchtime from The Golden Paste Company asking for a Christmassy picture of Lambie, or one of the team, with their products for promotional publicity.

Having met Lambie this morning, I knew immediately he was out. He has other things on his tiny pea-like brain – Edna and Madge.

So, Daisy and I looked around for another Brand Ambassador – Her Maj.  I brushed, while Daisy located her vast wardrobe.  We carefully chose a beautiful Christmas outfit and were surprised she still fitted into her totally adorable skirt.  BeAnne went into an instant decline.

Meanwhile, Monster was being weird with tinsel.

He sat in BeAnne’s bed under the Christmas tree and he looked quite nice, so we changed our minds again (third model lucky) and asked if he would like the job.

He busied himself while we got our props together.

And we duly decorated the set.

It was a bit fraught at times but we laugh in the face of danger.

Of course, as you know, Monster is a huge fan of absolutely anything BeAnne enjoys – her bed, her food, her photoshoot……

The festive hat, however, was a bit of a non-starter. It showed off the chins!

So now Monster is officially Thordale’s Christmas Face of all things Turmeric.

Reason enough to give it everyone – Use the code LAMBIE10 for your 10% discount brought to  you today by Monster!

And not BeAnne!

I might have a go with Lambie tomorrow. I am not holding my breath, though.  He is in a very silly mood.

5 thoughts on “Brand Ambassadors

  1. diane in northern wis

    Great photos. Monster did a fine job for that company. He looks awesome. Too bad BeAnne wouldn’t cooperate….maybe you’ll get Lambie yet to help you out!


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