A Few Black and White Ones

Sometimes photos don’t need masses of words.  Today is this time.



Fivla – note the eyelashes


Vitamin again (teddy bear ears – oooof!)


Waffle, again

And again

Yup, you guessed….. Waffle

*** cough*** – getting a bit embarrassing now.

Ah, Silver


And the majestic Tiddles

I’ve no idea what happened to Storm and Albie. That day they just didn’t have “it” and Storm does not suit B&W.  He sort of vanishes.

5 thoughts on “A Few Black and White Ones

  1. Linda

    These are wonderful – I love B&W photos, they convey a completely feel.

    (And Fivla’s white eyelashes! Our dog has them too, and they’re just so soft & angelic-looking to me)

  2. Linda Kirk

    I love your black and white photos. Waffle looks very majestic but my favourites are the ladies, particularly Vitamin, who I always think has a kind expression.


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