Ponies in the Mist

Fivla today was last to her daily mineral/vitamin/TurmerAid bucket.

The rest had cantered down while Fivla favoured a more sedate approach.  She never hurries.

And I had saved her bucket for her so she woul have her fair share. Fivla knows this.

Fivla was a girl on a mission – just a rather slow one.

She ate far away from the others and I stood between her and any potential vultures.

Once finished, Silver joined her.

They look pretty together.

Magical, even. Very “White Horses” (a children’s tv programme that all of us, of a certain age and country who love horses, would’ve watched) and yes, I was humming the theme tune forgetting all the words.

I did my best taking photos while wishing I had my “proper” camera instead.

It was all very atmospheric and special.

8 thoughts on “Ponies in the Mist

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Thank you for yet more of these beautiful photographs where it looks like you really are in paradise up there. Yes, you have terrible winters, you have midges, you’ve got all kinds of comings and goings, but it’s still looks like paradise. That’s not just because of the pictures of the animals, the lovely landscape, and the beautiful wildflowers: but because you and yours are making these little critters and big critters happy. Enjoy.

  2. Jayne

    Well, that’s spooky – I was thinking about that programme and the music a few days ago. The theme is a dreadful ear worm once it gets a hold :-}

    On white horses let me ride away,
    To my world of dreams so far away
    Let me run
    To the sun.

    To a world my heart can understand
    It’s a gentle warm and wonderland
    Far away
    Stars away

    Where the clouds are made of candy floss
    As the day is born.
    When the stars are gone
    We’ll race to meet the dawn

  3. darby callahan

    beautiful images Frances. I was actually thinking” magical” and then you said it yourself. thank you

  4. Louise Stopford

    Fivla and Silver looked beautiful together, in the mist. Such pretty ponies. Yes I remember ‘White Horses’ very well and loved the theme tune. I bet you used to watch ‘Follyfoot Farm’ as well, another of my favourites. Oh and Black Beauty … that theme tune was something else, so gentle and yet so powerful. Thanks for sharing your days and letting us see your wonderful ponies/horses/dogs/cat/chickens/ducks etc.

  5. Judith

    What a wonderful atmosphere, literally and metaphorically. I love mistiness and what we called sea fret where I grew up at Marske-by-the-Sea.


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