Family Involvement

Sometimes everyone has to come too when I feed the ponies.

I think it is good for the Minions to get used to the occasional white panther dropping by.

But I think food is more of a priority than Monster.

Anyway, Monster is not concerned. He is interested in nosing around…..

while trying to blend in with his environment.

Kolka, who was around hoping for table scraps, turned her attention, and possibly hunger, on Monster.

♫ “Brave Sir Robin ran away” ♫

More thorough investigations on the journey back ….

…. and a bit of a squeeze! It was touch and go at one point and I did wonder if I would have to un-stick him.

Luckily for Monster, I didn’t have to intervene but Pepper did and gently escorted him off the premises.  Meanwhile the ponies kept on eating.

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