Piano Practice

I knew today wasn’t going to go well. I had that feeling.

The weather remained grot and I wanted to practice the piano. Not a thing I do very often, I admit, but my skills need to be honed for a friend who wants to learn and I can’t remember what the bottom notes are.  Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, right?  (or is that the treble clef? I forget).  All Cows Eat Grass?

So, as I had the house to myself, or so I though,  I sat down at my beautiful piano and did a spot of practicing.

I tried, I honestly did. But when Monster (known as Poo-Poo for short) tried to climb into the piano, I gave up.  He was so annoying and very painful.

And yes, sometimes at night I can hear the piano play and now I know why.  Note-to-self, I must remember to put the lid down!





4 thoughts on “Piano Practice

  1. Judith

    I think you might need to use the door – with Monster on the other side of it. You have a nice touch, by the way. Every Good Boy is the treble clef. I’ve got through life without using the bass clef (singing and violin) but having started to learn harp recently I’ve had to get to grips with the bass clef. Sadly I haven’t had much harping lately but I want to get back to it.


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