At the Bottom of my Garden

Haakon was waiting for me this morning, trying to catch my attention like someone in the restaurant wanting the bill (cheque), or a carrot, in Haakon’s case.

How could I walk past and do nothing?  That’s not my job.  I am She-who-always-has-something-about-her-person.  That’s who I am.

So, determinted to live up to my name, I went back to the kitchen in my muddy wellies doing that special ridiculous tippy-toe walk across the kitchen floor when you hope the mud is not leaving footprints on the floor. I grabbed three carrots and returned to the garden gate.

And then there were two.

A friend, aka Iacs, had probably heard the arrival of the carrots.  Iacs and Haakon had one and a half each and were very happy.

Kolka was miles away, enjoying a visit with Vitamin – they looked like they were probably exchanging stories on how annoying it is to live with boys!

Later, on the dog-walk, I was accosted again, but this time my pocketses were empty, I was embarrassed to admit.

And this is the most perfect photo of Iacs, ever.

The wind is dying down now, and I think we get a one day weather reprieve tomorrow when I will dash into town and get a round bale of hay.  The snow is coming back again.  Meh!

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