Perfect Day

A gorgeous day today. A day between weathers, quite literally. Tomorrow is all doom and gloom again.

Obviously we wanted to make the most of the glorious day and so I went in search of my noble steed.

And settled for Iacs (just kidding!)

Daisy was going to ride Efstur outside for the first time in a while, accompanied by me on horseback this time.

Efstur was thrilled. He had been doing his “pick me, pick me” routine all morning trying to catch anyone’s eye to go and do something. He loves his training.

Iacs, on the other hand was slightly less enthusiastic (and, yes, I straightened his noseband – I didn’t clean off the mold, though – a step too far in my book!)

Anyway, off we rode in the lovely warm-ish sunshine.

Noble steed favoured the grass edges – note-to-self, next time I put his hoof-boots on.  Iacs is the perfect horse for letting me drop the reins and take photos.  He has his job. I have mine.

There was no holding back Daisy and Efstur.

They were going great guns.

Lovely long shadows from the winter sunshine.

We met one car and Efstur was perfect so all was good.  We dismounted at the top of our track and walked home so the horses could stretch and have a breather.

For me, this photo sums up all that is Iacs. A scruffy Herbert but much loved.

He was a good boy and his reward for lugging my fat arse there and back was a nice bucket of grub.

And then it was Klængur and Taktur’s turn.   No photos. Klængur is definitely not that type of horse.  Both hands on the wheel at all times!

3 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. Sam

    Nice to see you and Daisy out riding. And that Young Efstur seems to want to ride around. New England is getting a major snowstorm tomorrow night – looking at 12″ or so of wet snow. ICK.

  2. Jayne

    Bright days like this as so very valued and appreciated at this time of year.

    I do hope in a few hours you don’t get the viscious wind that is currently trying to flatten West Cumbria.


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