Camera Mojo

Yesterday, I lost my camera mojo and took some fairly dreadful photos of the Boyzens coming home from the hill in the evening. The photos were useless.  I wondered if it was me or the camera……

So today, before the rain arrived this afternoon, I took my camera along to see the Minions.  They were all miles away and looking indigenous.

They saw me and came running.

I love Albie in this photo.  He was very “enthusiastic”.

So I happily snapped away and here are a few of the results.

There were strange faces.

Some wild and wacky hair-dos.

“Boys being boys”.

With added playing and annoying.

Today, my prize goes to Waffle who was looking the most gorgeous.  I think my camera and I are singing the same tune now.  Phew!  I hate it when the results are rubbish.

So that’s the next few days’ worth of photos taken care of…… many, many pics to show you!

5 thoughts on “Camera Mojo

  1. Sam

    Somedays the Camera Sprites are on vacation. Love Albie’s joy in the day and Waffle looks very studly.
    New England is having a blizzard tomorrow – 12″ of the icky white stuff….

  2. Gail Lawson

    I absolutely love your photos, even the rubbish ones! You make my day! We’re up for another snow dump tonight! It’s winter here in New Hampshire!
    Thank You!

  3. Linda

    Well, I just didn’t see any “rubbish” photos in that group the other day. I enjoy seeing how others live, and what their furry family get up to when they’re inside.

    I love seeing that upside-down photo of (?) it’s such a crazy/funny thing that animals do, and the larger the animal the funnier I think it is. Also love the “indigenous” group looking so regal on top of the hill, then running like crazy at the possibility of carrots. (The sheep somehow were able to hold that “pose” especially Lambie.

    Last but not least, what a HANDSOME photo of Waffle!


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